Get the first listen of Moaning Lisa's first song of 2019, Take You Out

Get the first listen of Moaning Lisa's first song of 2019, Take You Out

Arriving ahead of shows throughout July (including Splendour In The Grass), the four-piece release their first track for the year.

Header photo by Natalie Jurrjens.

If you've been reading Pilerats over the past two years, chances are you're already well-familiar with Moaning Lisa. The Canberra-raised indie-rock four-piece are one of our favourite Australian bands at the moment, mixing top-tier songwriting and witty lyricism with instrumentals that range from subtle to blistering; going from strength to strength as they emerge as one of the country's most consistent newcomers. For us, it really all kicked off with their 2018 break-out Carrie (I Want A Girl), a song about being queer, loving women and the legendary Carrie Brownstein that really defined much of Moaning Lisa offer through their music - a difficult feat, considering their status as multi-faceted and complex songwriters.

From here, Moaning Lisa have only strived. Their 2018 EP Do You Know Enough? showcases the many sides of the band across five tracks, pairing pre-release singles including Carrie and other knock-outs Good and Comfortable with two tracks that further their depth as a band including a personal favourite of last year, Lily - a moment of pure anthemic energy that captures their charisma both in recording and on the live circuit. Premiering today ahead of its full release tomorrow, Take You Out marks Moaning Lisa's first release since their EP and thus, their first release for 2019, offering a woozy, dream-pop-esque sound ahead of a national run of shows across July.

Combining washed-out guitar melodies and a subtle percussive pace with rather romantic lyrics, Take You Out is another knock out of the park for Moaning Lisa, who time after time, keep reminding us why they're one of the best - and most treasured. "In the world of tinder and hook up culture, many of us are preoccupied by the idea that there is an unknown and perfect stranger, just out there waiting to make themselves known. But what if that person is already known to us? If a relationship with a friend, acquaintance or colleague is already clearly defined, how do we act once we realise, 'well shit... I’m actually really into this person'," the band say on the single. "If you have already been put into a box by that person, you pretty much have to demolish it for them to realise you are even an option. In short, Take You Out is a fun, quirky, and danceable track, however, it illuminates the anxieties that come with seeing a perfect person who doesn’t see you back."

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