Premiere: Jye Whiteman reflects on an epic 2017 with feel-good video for Do Ya Wanna?

Premiere: Jye Whiteman reflects on an epic 2017 with feel-good video for Do Ya Wanna?

A nice little break from the general online anger and outrage we're used to.

A month after the release of his recent electro-folk-pop single Do Ya Wanna?, Brissy-based artist Jye Whiteman has unveiled a feel-good visual accompaniment that doubles as a nice wrap of his many epic journies in 2017. Traversing around the country on a bicycle with his cousins driving by him in a support vehicle, Whiteman spent a significant chunk of the year meeting a heap of great people around the country. In a time of 24 hour news cycle and outrage at every corner, it's honestly a bloody breath of fresh air to check out from all the negavity, and Whiteman's bouncy single + video combo should put a smile on your dial.

Check it out below, and if you're in the north west of Australia in May you can catch him playing at the just-announced Beats In The Heat fest - more info HERE.

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