Premiere: Georgia Van Etten features some of our best dancers in I'd Like To Be's video

Premiere: Georgia Van Etten features some of our best dancers in I'd Like To Be's video

Featuring eight Australian contemporary dancers, the video clip is a striking display of brilliant creative talent.

Melbourne-raised, London-based musician Georgia Van Etten is someone who has always kept in touch with Australia's creative world, despite packing a suitcase and heading to the UK six years ago. She's been a collaborative force within Australian electronic for a few years now, teaming up with musicians such as Alice Ivy and London Topaz for collaborations back in 2016/2017, and even in her own work, she tries to always balance Australian representation - ensuring that she's never too far away from her home's spirit.

Take her latest single I'd Like To Be, for example. It's a rich and quite masterful display of Georgia Van Etten's brilliance, capturing her emotional songwriting amongst a bed of swaying melodies that emphasise her well-recognised vocal, that this time around, digs deep into the courage and empowerment that comes with putting your heart on the line: "The song is written as if I’m telling that certain someone then and there how I feel. I want the listener to experience my story but also find resonance if they too have plucked up the courage or longed to."

The single's official video clip, however, is where that Australian connection really shines, and as it premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its official release soon, you really get a better understanding of that deep, creative connection and how it fuels Georgia's work. Worked on alongside Melbourne-based dancer and choreographer Sian Kelly, the video clip shines a spotlight on Australia's talent in dance and choreography, placing eight seasoned Australian dancers into the public eye and allowing them to channel Georgia's music and artistic choices into a brilliant work of arm.

The dancers are Tyrone Earl Lraé Robinson, Yilin Kong, Mason Kelly, Sian Kelly, Jane Kingsford, Xavier McGettigan, Louis Van Etten and Jazz Miller, who between them, have choreography and dancing credits splashed across different artforms; some of them touring internationally with their work, or working with some of the biggest Australian creatives we have to offer. The I'd Like To Be music video brings them all together across locations dotted around the world; synchronising and moving off one another - despite their separation - as they navigate the peaks and valleys of the song behind them.

"I was truly blown away when I received everyone’s pieces and my excitement grew tenfold - I knew this was going to be a special and authentic video," Georgia says on the video. "It took me an age to pick out all the best parts and put them together in an edit, but worth the time as the result is a truly collaborative video that showcases some of Australia’s best, young dance talent."

It's a testament to Australia's creative strengths both in music and dance, and you can dive into it below, as it premieres on Pilerats now:

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