Premiere: Fever Pitch - Fever Pitch EP

Premiere: Fever Pitch - Fever Pitch EP

Following a name change and a string of singles, Wollongong-based four-piece have readied their soaring new EP

After making a name for themselves as After Touch (signed to UNFD, playing UNIFY Gathering and Yours and Owls festivals, touring nationally with acts such as The Story So Far), band members Jesse, Jordan, Jack & Marcus decided to wipe the slate clean and start fresh as Fever Pitch.

Following a string of singles, including most recently Escape, the four-piece are now ready to unleash their self-titled debut four track EP of hook filled, emotional, indie-alternative-rock, packed with anthemic choruses and some funk and soul twists along the way.

Regarding the writing and lyrics of the EP, Marcus says “For me, a lot of this EP is like a time capsule for the past two-and-a-half years. A lot of experiences that I had myself found their way into the lyricism either directly or indirectly. A lot of my writing includes observations about the drastic ways in which socialising has shifted pre- and post-Covid. The way that all life was lived by proxy for almost two years feels like a pretty impossible thing to shake off now that we’re allowed out and about again, and I think you can still see the remnants of that today.”

When it comes to the sound and style of the Fever Pitch EP, Marcus explains “Stylistically, our approach was to see how different we could make the tracks sound from each other without losing any cohesion. We wanted the EP to have the same sort of pacing as a short film: starting in the middle of the action with Growing Pains, an uptempo track that establishes that we’re a rock band right off the bat. Is This Real? is a bit of a left turn, expanding the context of the band to include synths, more variation in dynamics, subject matter, etc. Starstruck is a return to a more direct rock style with the more melodic elements of Is This Real? starting to creep back in. Finally, Escape is the culmination of all of these different elements combined into one song. It’s balladic, it’s got a boisterous chorus, it’s got a beat switch. We pretty much threw every trick in the book at the closing track to give it the feel of a closing track.”


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