Premiere: The lord Don West debuts a new single, Pink to Blue, ahead of AU tour

Premiere: The lord Don West debuts a new single, Pink to Blue, ahead of AU tour

The star's third single in three years is all about quality over quantity, and comes ahead of east coast shows over the next six weeks.

As a famous Australian ad once said, "Is Don, Is Good," and we're going to go ahead and assume they were talking about Don West. The artist from Sydney's Northern Beaches is the definition of a showman, shown through the quality-over-quantity approach to his recorded work that has only resulted in two songs over the last two years - more on that in a second - as well as on the live stage, where Don West becomes an entirely different beast, one that encapsulates the star-like energy of the entire project.

In recording, the Sydney musician shows his cards rarely, but every time he does, it feels like something entirely new. In 2019, he made a grand entrance with his debut single Money, an enchanting four minutes of striking and triumphant alt-rock that brought brilliant first impressions, later reinforced with his second single last year, Equaliser. Together, the two songs position Don West as an exciting one-to-watch; someone whose limited peeps of new music heralds a quality over quantity approach that ensures that everything he delivers hits hard.

That's something that remains true for his third single Pink To Blue, which premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its greater release this Friday, May 21st. It's a song that begins a little more stripped-back, with a strumming guitar instrumental embedded behind Don West's glaring vocals which really strive amongst the room they're given. Eventually, the song transforms into something grander, crescendoing into this anthemic rock pace that gives Pink To Blue a bit of a kick, and reinforces the larger-than-life stature of Don West hitting a new peak.

"Pink to Blue is a confession of feelings for a lover, as much as I hate to admit it and it pains me to write down, it is a love song," he says on the single, discussing what gives it that more intimate edge when placed comparatively to the two singles we've already heard. "I had a special relationship with someone that I saw on and off. The kind of relationship that didn’t involve much talking. So, being the romantic I am,  I express my feelings for her through song, in my own way."

Pink To Blue arrives ahead of a string of east-coast tour dates throughout the next six weeks, which - considering what we've heard from his dates alongside Peking Duk and Lime Cordiale - is something you really need to experience. They kick off at the end of May and you can find them all below, but in the meantime, take a listen to Pink To Blue as it premieres on Pilerats below:

Tour Dates: 

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