Photo Diary: Go behind the scenes of The Creases' new album, Tremolow

Photo Diary: Go behind the scenes of The Creases' new album, Tremolow

The very excellent new record was released last Friday, and a tour is on the way.

Last Friday saw the release of Brissy legends The Creases' debut LP, Tremolow, and what a fkn fantastic debut album it is. One of this country's hardest working, hardest gigging and most fun live bands have translated a few years good will into a cracking debut, one that we can't wait to see them take out on the road over September for a bunch of shows to celebrate. We were very fortunate to have them send us a few cheeky behind the scenes snaps from the recording of Tremolow, annotated by the band themselves. So chuck the record on below, get some candid insight into the making of a debut record, and catch 'em live at one of the shows listed down the bottom.

the creases bts photos 01

One of those real eureka studio moments captured perfectly on film. I think this is when Aimon realised you can play all the strings on the guitar at once.

the creases bts photos 02

It’s important to be as connected as possible while recording an album. Here’s Jarrod and me recording an electrical current buzz through each other’s belly buttons and bodies. We’ve never been closer.

the creases bts photos 03

Here’s Gabe on the first day of recording at Soundpark Studios in Melbourne. He’d never seen so many drums in his life.

the creases bts photos 04

Here’s Mal who recorded and produced the album. I’m pretty sure he’s telling us “Awesome job guys! Can’t believe you recorded another whole track in one take!” in this shot.

the creases bts photos 05

We stayed in a family home we found on Airbnb for a month while recording the album. We took turns cooking meals for each other while we were there which you can see a few of in this picture.

the creases bts photos 06

Experimented with a lot of different noises and recording styles on the record. Some of them more unconventional than others.

the creases bts photos 07

Me, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, recording the keys, xylophone and vocals for the outro of In My Car.

the creases bts photos 08

Not really sure what Aimon is doing here but I’m sure it sounded great.

the creases bts photos 09

Mal giving Gabe a huge fist pump for smashing another drum take.

the creases bts photos 10

Me with a Palak Paneer curry I cooked for the boys mid record. They said it was the best they’ve ever had to this day still. I will never share the recipe so don’t ask.

the creases bts photos 11

We had a couple of days off in the middle of recording and decided to have a big ol’ bender locked in the house together for it. We stayed up listening to the band Air’s entire discography til the sun rose in the backyard talking absolute nonsense and then I had a bubble bath. I’m glad this pretty photo of the sun rise was the only photo that turned out from the event.

the creases bts photos 12

This is a photo of us together when we’d finished recording the album. Unfortunately it turned out very blurry but it’ll always be a very clear and beautiful moment in our memories <3.


Fri 8 Sep - Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Sat 9 Sep - Jack Rabbit Slim's

Fri 15 Sep - Howler, Melbourne

Sat 16 Sep - The Lair, Sydney

Fri 22 Sep - The Zoo, Brisbane

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