Music Video Premiere: Joan & The Giants - The Weekend

Music Video Premiere: Joan & The Giants - The Weekend

Watch the alt-pop darlings liberating new music video accompanying the latest taste from their forthcoming EP.

Boorloo/ Perth-based alt-pop darlings Joan & The Giants are a prolific group of musicians, who are gearing up for their forthcoming EP Me & You (Out September 23) with their latest rebellious anthem The Weekend. Recently signing to Tomboi Records (an independent label representing LGBTQIA+, POC, and Female artists globally), they’ve had a busy couple of years taking their powerful releases to adoring fans across venues all over WA.

Since their inception in 2019, group centres and romantic partners Grace Newton-Wordsworth and Aaron Birch have showcased their knack for writing powerful pop anthems comparable to the likes of Aurora and Florence and the Machine. Continuing on this trajectory of rich sounding releases, The Weekend combines beautifully layered guitars, bass, synths, and snappy beats with Grace’s soaring vocals - all polished to perfection production wise, and harnessing a deeper meaning thematically. 

Written as a rebellion to modern grind culture and the mentality of ‘living for the weekend’ Grace shares "I wanted 'The Weekend' video clip to capture what the song is all about - excitement, rebellion, love and friendship and how important that is to us.” when talking on the accompanying music video. Continuing “The video concept goes hand in hand with the lyrics, and portrays the story in a real life setting. 'The Weekend' was written about a time where we needed to feel free from societal pressures to constantly grind through the week for that ultimate relief of a Friday afternoon. To me it's so important to enjoy your daily existence, and have people around you who make you feel supported and uplifted - which is why we also used our mates in the video. The story in the music video is a little more rebellious than my real life though haha - like the pool we 'broke into' was actually a family members place and it was so freezing in the middle of winter, I thought I was getting hypothermia honestly haha - the things you do for art!” It was a really fun video to film though, and an honest representation of the song - we hope people can connect to it." 

With The Weekend out everywhere today, and its accompanying music video premiering here first - be sure to soak in the euphoric feeling Joan & The Giants have captured with this release below. 

Joan & The Giant’s forthcoming EP Me & You is out September 23 via Tomboi Records. 


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