Mosh Music: Our fave new rock, punk and hardcore tunes this week.

Mosh Music: Our fave new rock, punk and hardcore tunes this week.

A few tracks on the "bandier" side to help get you through the rest of the working week.

It's generally around this time of the week that we start to hit a wall, when those thoughts about calling in sick for work creep into our heads far more often than they probably should and our caffeine intake rises to dangerous levels. We get it, since Monday you've had one eye on the weekend and you're still only halfway there, another three days remain to painfully navigate and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it except to keep dragging yourself out of bed each morning. Thankfully, we've put together a list of the best new guitar-driven music you can wrap your ears around, from rock 'n' roll and grunge all the way through to hardcore and metal. Hopefully it's enough to help pull your mopey ass through Hump Day and the rest of the week. 


The Comfort - Everstone

A super talented alt-rock outfit from Brisbane, The Comfort pack a lot of punch for a two-piece. Everstone, a tight, melodic, powerhouse of a tune, comes from the band's sophomore EP Love, which will be out July 2 on iTunes. With both members, Dom Harper (bass) and Liam Holmes (guitar), providing vocals for The Comfort; we hear a dynamic and powerful sound, reminiscent of post-hardcore bands like Saosin and Funeral For A Friend. The Comfort are playing shows around the country this month with Central Coast five-piece Grim Indiana, head over to their Facebook page to check those dates out.

Taking Back Sunday (pictured top) - Tidal Wave

With new tunes from Thrice, Brand New and Saosin released so far this year, it's only fitting that another classic old-school punk band in Taking Back Sunday have also graced us with new music. Tidal Wave is our first taste of Taking Back Sunday's new record of the same name, which will be the band's seventh in their 17 year career. I'll be perfectly honest, I haven't gone out of my way to get my ears around TBS's two newest records in 2011's self-titled and 2014's Happiness Is, but this first cut of Tidal Wave sounds very promising. Much punkier than what I remember of TBS from the early 2000's, this track channels a plethora of punk bands from The Menzingers through to the Ramones. Tidal Wave is out September 16 through Hopeless Records.

Sect - Scourge Of Empire

Sect is a five-piece made up of members from some of America's hardest-hitting hardcore bands in Cursed, Catharsis and Earth Crisis, oh…and their drummer is Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy. While this may come as shock to a few of you (as it did to me), it turns out Hurley grew up listening to and playing in hardcore bands, and even played in a band called The Damned Things with members from Anthrax and Every Time I Die - so while he plays in a pop band, the dude definitely has roots in heavier (and better) music. Scourge Of Empire is a one minute and four seconds of being punched repeatedly in the face, and it's fucking brilliant. Sect are releasing their debut, self-titled 12" on July 29 through Deathwish.

Totally Unicorn - Space Congratulations

We actually included this one in Mosh Music a couple of weeks back when it was released as a single, but this brand new video for the tune was too epic not to include. The visual follows Drew Gardner, frontman of the Sydney five-piece, as he makes his way along his own personal pub crawl. Dressed from head to toe in tie dye, Gardner visits almost a dozen pubs, bars and clubs; all the while knocking back an unthinkable number of pints, midis and even a brightly coloured cocktail or two. Space Congratulations comes from Totally Unicorn's debut full length, due out July 29 through The Farmer & The Owl/Inertia.

Sugar Army - Battles

The first single from Sugar Army's forthcoming record BEAST, Battles hints at the Perth mainstay's third record being a big winner. A shitload of fuzzed out riffs, coupled with a driving bass line and sharp drum beat take control of Battles, while frontman Pat McLaughlin's vocals soar during quieter verse moments and an anthemic chorus. Sugar Army's drummer James Sher directed the stunning video for Battles, combining real world film and digitally constructed 3D environments to create a mesmerising visual interoperation of the track. BEAST is due for release this August.

Got a tune worthy of helping us get over the Wednesday grind? Send me an EMAIL about it.

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