Meet Post Depression Makeout Session and their debut single, My Daughter The Water

Meet Post Depression Makeout Session and their debut single, My Daughter The Water

A band without genre, making waves on the Perth music scene.

Words by Jackson Lavell-Lee.

Post Depression Makeout Session are a psych-rock band who experiment with jazz drums and time signature changes to create a new interwoven sound that screams beach camping and LSD. Their new single My Daughter The Water is a seven-minute jam that explores the complexities of the multiple genres that fall under the psych-rock umbrella. We got the four-piece together in one room to chat PDMS during their crazy backyard single launch party.

Crazy name, how did you guys meet and become Post Depression Makeout Session?

It just rolls off the tongue dude. We met at SAE, we’re all randoms that started at SAE together and within a week we all became friends and started the band after a jam a month or so later, belting out some songs shaq had written beforehand.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s an eclectic cluster fuck… We find it hard to generalise. Our music reflects what we are inspired by at the time, but I hate to think anyone is making music to be defined by others.

What other artists inspire you guys individually?

In no particular order - Melody's Echo Chamber, Tyler, the Creator, Alice In Chains, Catatonia, Hiatus Kaiyote, BadBadNotGood, Daft Punk, Tame Impala.

What is your favourite memory together as a band?

Our J Shed show. It was such a loose venue when it first re-opened and we love to get pretty loose with our crowd. We all got so messy people spilt drinks all over our equipment and we had to sacrifice some pedals. Pedals for the people.

My Daughter the Water is your debut single - what can you tell me about this winding jam?

It was the first jam we ever had and it grew from two chords. It has the effects of psych-rock and we use time signature changes to kind of expand on the idea of being on multiple forms of water. From rapids to long narrow streams, crashing waves and crystal

Shaq, you’re a comedian and went over to Melbourne to perform, which crowd do you prefer to perform for?

Definitely a music crowd because I feel like they don’t analyse as much, they could just be there to have a few drinks or catch up with mates. Also, I’m not by myself, I have a bunch of mates around me and we’re jammin’.

Do you get the same level of anxiety about your lyrics as jokes?

I have complete confidence in my jokes and no confidence in my lyrics! Haha.

That’s hilarious! So, the writing process must be pretty improvised then. How do you think you’ll move forward writing new tracks?

We try to be as reactive as possible in the writing process and work with each other’s ideas as much as possible. We need to jam continuously because we’re genre-less, we have no limitations, it’s just a conduit of creative expression.

What’s next up for PDMS?

We have an album of music we’re constantly refining and just gigging man.


Sat 17 Sep - Mojos, Fremantle

Sat 29 Sep - The Odd Fellow, Fremantle

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