Track By Track: Hercules Morse take us through their heavy debut EP, Control Your Own

Track By Track: Hercules Morse take us through their heavy debut EP, Control Your Own

The six-tracker is out now ahead of two shows at WAMFest this weekend.

Header image by Redwood Visions.

Today (Monday October 30) sees the release of Perth hardcore outfit Hercules Morse's debut EP, Control Your Own. An energetic and at times heavy af six-tracker, it encapsulates as best one can the intense vibe the group have been bringing to live shows around these parts for some time now. It was recorded with Cam Murphy at Vision Studios, who has captured the group's energy to perfectly, while Hercules Morse frontman Richard Patterson-Hyde has stated on the general themes of the EP: "There are so many factors beyond our control, such as what other people say or think about us, but all we can do is focus on ourselves and do what you can to be happy with the work you do and the life you live." He expands a little further on a track by track for the EP, which you can check out below (just click anywhere on the embed to get it started, or grab it via BANDCAMP now.

You’re Dead Right

Curiosity killed the cat, but it won’t kill you. Push the boundaries, explore the dark and fight your demons. Even if you are trying something new, keep going and keep pushing, despite the pitfalls, you will be happy with yourself when you reach the end and won’t be left to wonder ‘what if’.


Live your life for you. You don’t need to please other people, stop caring what they say about you. You know who you are and what you’re about and that’s all that matters. Some may say it’s selfish, but what’s selfish about looking after yourself, your mental health and self-confidence?


Simple song about a girl. No hate, no remorse towards her. I fell for a beautiful girl I didn’t think I would, I opened myself up to her. I’m naturally a very closed off person, so this was all very new to me, but she made it easy. She’s moved away to Canada and I don’t think I’ll see her again, but I learnt a lot about myself during our time together.

Start Again

Sometimes burning bridges is the best thing you can do, whether it’s a toxic friend, job or lifestyle - you don’t have to put up with it. Don’t feel afraid that there is nothing you can do, walking away from a bad situation could be the best thing you do for yourself.

Strong Side

We are all stronger than we think, sometimes we just need that extra push to find out how strong we are. In life, we’re presented with countless situations that are unique to us, and how we deal with them defines us in that moment. Sometimes you’re up against the wall fighting to break out, but you adapt and cope with it until you come out the other side.


Fri 3 Nov - Hen House WAMFest Showcase @ Hen House Live

Sat 4 Nov - WAMFest Live Saturday @ Tetsuo Nightclub

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