Mama Kin Spender shines a light on their 10 Favourite WA acts ahead of SOTA Festival 2018

Mama Kin Spender shines a light on their 10 Favourite WA acts ahead of SOTA Festival 2018

The much-loved duo join the likes of Birds Of Tokyo, San Cisco and more on June 4.

Danielle Caruana AKA Mama Kin has had a gangbusters 2018 already. Her collaborative project with Tommy Spender - Mama Kin Spender - not only released a wonderful new album in Golden Magnetic, but has been jaunting around the country celebrating its release.

That run of shows culminates in this year's SOTA Festival, a free, licensed all-ages event once again hitting Perth's Elizabeth Quay WA Day, Monday 4 June, with a huge lineup of WA-based artists like Birds Of Tokyo, San Cisco, ShockOne and Stella Donnelly to name but a few...

sota festival 2018 full lineup

To mark the ocassion we asked Mama Kin and Tommy Spender for a list of their favourite acts from our corner of the world, and they have not disappointed! You can check out that killer list below, and head to the SOTA Festival WEBSITE for more info on the event, including set times, food options and more.

Abbe May – Karmageddon

I just love the brooding nature of this production and I love this vignette style of songwriting. Abbe is one of those artists that is constantly pushing themselves forward on a personal and creative level - love it.

Lucy Peach – Be So Good

Lucy is the ultimate optimist. I love the sentiment of devotion and and dedication in this song. I also love that I got to sing to it her and her husband on their wedding day!

Stella Donelly – Mechanical Bull

This song is the ultimate “get the fuck out of my face” number. We’ve all been there and Stella nails it! I first saw Stella perform at Fairbridge Festival in 2017, and it was very obvious that this person was about to smash it out worldwide.

The Pigram Brothers – Saltwater Cowboy

This song and this album was my soundtrack when I lived in Broome and it got under my skin. I love these harmonies and how embedded the sense of place is in this track. Legends.

John Butler Trio – Bullet Girl

I love this song SO MUCH – it was from their last album Flesh & Blood and the line “you are the bullet girl and I know I’ve been your gun” slays me every time. I love this sparse and moody production.

Ruby Boots – Believe In Heaven

This person just keeps going from strength to strength. Ruby’s fierce drive and determination, and dedication to her craft has taken her to a worldwide stage. Legendary.

POND - Sweep Me Off My Feet

Fat tones! I met Joe from POND at a festival a few months back and he gave me the number of a guy that could fix my Gibson that had just had the headstock snapped off on a Virgin flight. I was already a fan of the band, but this pushed me over the edge.

The Kill Devil Hills – Bad Wine & Women

I worked at a pub in Collingwood called The Gem. It was tiny and one night the owner, who came from Freo, invited them to play a show. It was so fucking good. I loved the swagger and vibe, they had such had such a refreshing attitude in their show. Lots of desert truths!

Sleepy Jackson – Good Dancers

They just blew my mind when I first heard the record. His falsetto and choruses combined slay me...

Mach Pelican – King Of The Surf

I used to play alto saxophone in a grind prog instrumental noise outfit called Murdoch. We supported Mach Pelican. Massive sound. Blew my ear drums and mind!

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