Listen: Vissac - Lumpfish Caviar

Listen: Vissac - Lumpfish Caviar

Daring and delightfully unpredictable, the Boorloo outfit eloquently fuse jazz and progressive rock with their captivating new single.

Photo by Thea Elise Dowling

Out of Boorloo/Perth comes a dynamic fusion of jazz and progressive rock called Vissac. The brainchild of former member of the hip hop collective Koi Child Yann Vissac, the new collective that dares to be a bit different, bringing the excitement and relevance of instrumental music to a modern audience. Their latest track Lumpfish Caviar is a testament to this, beautifully haunting and captivating without the need of vocals or lyrics.

Revolving around heavy drums and bass, haunting keys and raucous baritone sax carry the melody through the tracks evolving near six minute duration. Futuristic in its delivery and choice of sonic flourishes, yet grounded in the classic sound of brass and the natural timbre of the piano, the many twists and turns of Lumpfish Caviar are delightfully unpredictable and incredibly engaging, the many layers of the track demanding a replay to comprehend it’s sheer depth. 

Out today, be sure to hit play on Vissac’s new single Lumpfish Caviar below, and begin the unfolding journey through its refreshing sound.  

Vissac's new single Lumpfish Caviar is out now.



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