Listen: Controlled & Primitive Blast Split 7" [Premiere]

Listen: Controlled & Primitive Blast Split 7" [Premiere]

Two brand new tracks out of the Death's Grip camp from two of the finest hardcore bands in the country right now.

Today we're premiering two tracks from another quality release out of the Deaths Grip Records camp. We've got 'Conditioned' from Controlled and 'Synthetic Mind' from Primitive Blast. I was going to do a bit of a write-up on the bands but Death's Grip just can't be beat when it comes to bio's and descriptions so I've just included theirs below.. Tracks are hard as fuck. Pay the man.

Coming straight outta Sydney some crazy motherfuckers named Controlled and Primitive Blast (i was gonna try run with the straight outta compton thing but Im white and those names are far too complex for ya boy to "spit" a "verse"). Anyways this is the new noise from our Home boys in Primitive Blast and our new doggy dogs in Controlled. I thought long and hard (untrue) about what to say about this release. It aint the heaviest thing to be released this year, It aint the fastest thing to be released this year, It aint the hardest thing to be released this year, Or the loudest or the sludgiest or doomiest or any of that crap. 


For real dudes have a look at the homies in these bands, the dudes are straight up sexual white chocolate, you just wanna melt that shit down and have a sip on it. 

Like for real consider these dus for a minute, Bevan, likely insane but dudes tall, trim and tan. He got that surfer look about it and likely a dong like a babies arm. He got a horny AF tat on his back as well, ladies you gonna wanna ask to see that piece of skin you na what i mean? Owen, no idea what makes this homie tick but when the bloke enters the room the air con in the room starts to struggle. Du is well dressed as fuck. Straight sauve motherfucker, wwears those lil tiny beanies that i dunno how they stay on his head. Chicks dig that yeah? Dean, bloke got that military steeze about him, made regimented looking motherfucker with some chiseled af jaw line and abs. Likely goes off like a frog in a sock in the bedroom but surely doesnt kiss and tell. Brandon, got them big polynesian lips, a toned mid section and sculpted tree trunks for legs. Ladies i dont need to sell the bloke be he got all that and more, homies 80% through his engineering degree, this du gonna have the looks, the brains and the skrilllllll soon. For real put a deposit down on that dude because hes hot property and the market is only going up. 

Then you got Controlled, Josh. homie may have been fired from the movies for razzing customers and he may have pretended to keep going to work after he was fired but who honestly gives a shit about that when you have a proper suss of the dude. Man is a RIGASAURUS REX with muscles to flex. I once saw some female campers light a fire off his abdominal muscles, dude is that hot. Peachy, shit man, even i got a crush on this dude. Most english people have fucked teeth and talk kinda funny but this bloke is the exception to the rule to the point where i think he might even be lying bout bein english ya know. Motherfucker looks like hes the next James Bond, Daniel Craig used to go to bed fretting he was about to lose his fucken job to this sauve english dude. Ed, Man Ed, Ed is like dad hot. Chicks be feelin me on this. Like the dude wears dickstickers at the beach which is some bold shit I aint down with but HELL if i had a big old dad dick and a solid physique Id probably be flaunting my shit for the honeys to ya know? Hamish, hell I dont have to say shit about this guy really. Most of the ladies reading this (and probably some of you dudes, its cool we dont judge) have probably got your rocks off over this tall, taught and terrifc homies instagram and honestly I cant blame you, ya know? 
Coyle, yeah look, Coyle might be the exception to the rest ya know? He's old, hes got red hair, he aint that funny. I dunno maybe people are into that? some people get off to homies rubbing themselves in human shit so when you look at it that way surely someone out there wanna get a piece of this fiery red head? 

Controlled - Conditioned

Primitive Blast - Synthetic Mind

Pick up the 7" Pre-Order HERE

Catch both bands with a bunch more of Australia's finest playing up and down the east coast in June!

Controlled / Primitive Blast / Ill Natured Tour

 controlled primitveblast tour

Damnation 2015

damnation deaths grip

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