Introducing Sannia, who continues her streak with Daylight/Better

Introducing Sannia, who continues her streak with Daylight/Better

The rising Melbourne musician will launch the new two-track with shows in Sydney and Melbourne next month.

Sannia is an artist to watch. With last year's debut single Go And Get Over, we received an introduction to an artist who feels primed for a bright future, exploring this intersection of delicate indie-folk and tall-standing pop as she shines a proper light on authentic and emotion-backed songwriting that feels like something real - a far-cry from the tried-and-tested approach to commercial fame that many artists try to pin for success. With extensive touring since seeing Sannia translate her captivating indie-pop into the live circuit, she hasn't really been too busy on the release-front, chipping away at whatever's next that today, we get an exciting taste of with Daylight/Better.

Released as a two-side double-A single, Daylight and Better explore two sides of Sannia's work that doubles-down - or triples-down, I guess - on what she welcomed with Go And Get Over; emotionally-driven songwriting and rich vocals meeting lush, yet stripped-away vocal displays that really carry this bright vision for an artist continuing to excel. Daylight, the first of the two tracks, is more electronic-intertwined; pulsing synth and gentle rhythms uniting with her trademark guitar melodies and romantic lyricism. "“I wrote this song on a train
home after a big night out with friends, I sort of had this weird semi-inebriated epiphany that I was head over heels for someone close to me, and in that same moment, I realised he absolutely didn’t feel the same at all. Like two ships passing in the night, or maybe a ship and a rowboat in my case," she says on the single.

The second track, Better, showcases something a touch heavier in the electronic realm that signals an experimental and left-field potential future, with drum loops and spiralling synth joining a track that picks up where the other left off. "I decided to release these two together because I feel like they’re one and the same, not just in terms of their production or both videos being centred around dance and movement, but the two songs were really two different responses to the same situation. Daylight was the initial, really vulnerable call out and Better was the more defiant and explosive response," she explains.

She's playing two shows to launch the pair of singles this September - which you can find more information on HERE - but in the meantime, dive into the tracks below, and better introduce yourself to the artist-on-the-rise while you're at it:

Tell us about yourself?

5’2, long-haired, bug-eyed music person often found crouching over a bowl of pasta. When I’m not ingesting carbs I also write and produce my own music, which I’ve just released some more of. I was also bitten by a funnel web spider when I was eleven so there’s a strong chance I’m also Spiderman

What’s the vibe music-wise?

Cinematographic sad-girl TM pop; the kind of demi-ballads you’d listen to looking out the window of a train imagining you’re in your bio-pic. But if we’re talking actual genres and themes, I’m probably somewhere between the crosshairs of indie-pop and alternative folk. Some of my favourite artists and influences would be Matt Corby, Lorde, Jeff Buckley, Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin, Maggie Rogers, Ray Charles, INXS, Lana Del Rey and Joni Mitchell.

What are your production and writing processes like?

Most of my writing actually takes place while I’m in transit – I have absolutely no idea why this happens. I wrote my first single driving home, I wrote Daylight on the train, I tend to just leak lyrics all the time but the ideas come together when I’m travelling. Once I’ve got something down on paper that I’m happy with I’ll put together a demo on logic and when I feel brave enough I bring it in to the band

Can you tell us about your two new songs, Daylight / Better?

I absolutely can, Daylight and Better are my latest releases – I like to think of them as A/B-side singles. Daylight is a slow-burning, synth-based ballad about falling for your best friend and Better is the very raw aftermath complete with a huge drum loop and a very catchy outro (apparently). The reason I decided to release both at once was because I felt like they were linked not just lyrically but sonically, the production on both was similar and I was going through a phase where I wanted a heavier, more pop produced sound and the two evolved alongside each other in the studio.

Any tour dates coming up?

I’m super excited to launch both singles next month in Melbourne and Sydney. I’ll be gigging the tunes at Workers Club Fitzroy on September 12 and Sydney’s Golden Age Cinema Bar on September 14.

What does the rest of 2019 have in store for you?

I’m currently on track to write, record, release new music, rinse and repeat that process until either the new year rolls around or until my budget is exhausted

Where can we find more of your music?

At my gigs! I’ve got three singles available online but if you’re after more music you’ll have to come to a show. I use every gig as a soundboard to trial and test out new songs so there’s always new tunes breaking through the pack for the first time. If you want to be the first to hear something new, come out to the single launches, that’s all I can say for now…!

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