Introducing PAGAN, and their heavy-as-hell new single, Death Before Disco

Introducing PAGAN, and their heavy-as-hell new single, Death Before Disco

The Melbourne-based four-piece are here to tear you a new one.

Melbourne-based rock'n'fkn'rollers PAGAN last week unleashed a new single, Death Before Disco, and colour us very fucking in. A riff-riddled stomper of the heaviest order, everything about this track thumps in ways that feel pretty damn fresh to Aussie music at the moment. The vocals of Nikki Brumen are the icing on the devilishly good cake that is PAGAN's instrumental section of Xavier Santilli (guitars), Dan Bonnici (bass/back-up vox) and Matt Marasco (drums). It's a powerful pacakge, and we wanted to get to know 'em a little better ahead of the single's launch on Friday 20 APril at Northcote Social Club. Check it out below:

Tell us about about yourselves?

We are a blackened rock'n'roll band with a strong appreciation for a good pizza pie and the finest red wine this side of Abruzzo.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

We make hardcore-punk with black metal influences and a disco twist. Music that’ll simultaneously make you bang your head and whip out your greatest dance moves to.

Production/writing process:

We usually begin the equation with a guitar riff or an idea for a sexy drum and bass rhythm, which we build upon until we have the skeleton of a song. Usually we’ll record a gross phone demo of the instrumental version, and then Nikki takes this away and returns the week after with any vocal ideas and we turn the plaster into a sculpture from there.

When it comes to recording, the process is much the same. Drums and bass together, then layers of guitars and then vocals and any other noises, sounds and instruments (synths, tambourines, etc.). It’s always a very collaborative effort and we are all totally open to share ideas and do whatever is best for the song. This sharing is usually done during séances and devil prayers, and over sacrifices of delicious smoked mozzarella and aperitif which really get the creative juices flowing.

Can you tell us about your new single, Death Before Disco?

The sound is as PAGAN as any song could be. Death Before Disco is an antipasto platter of everything PAGAN have been known to do and a glimpse into the sound of our album which will be out in a few short months. Nikki wrote the lyrics after going through a pretty bad break-up and upon reflection, realised the person she was with had been gaslighting her for years. The term "gaslight" derives from a play with the same title, which Nikki had read, so some of the play’s themes coupled with her own personal experiences inspired the concept for the single.

Any shows coming up?

We’ll be launching the single at the Holy Communion at The Northcote Social Club on April 20th . The Holy Communion is an event we have curated in homage to the dreaded familial gatherings in hired out social clubs and reception centres of old, usually centred around your cousin’s religious milestones. Melbourne‘s finest bands; Ferla, Loobs, Lost Talk and Bad Batch. There’ll also be a spicy late night dance party courtesy of Ecca Vandal too. Be sure to wear your best white outfit and bring your Nonna if you want!

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

We’re releasing our debut album which will be out very soon, then a lot of inevitable touring, partying, dark arts and family dinners to follow.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Spotify or Bandcamp is a sure bet!


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