Introducing Edward R. and his dizzying new single, Why Won't You Love Me?

Introducing Edward R. and his dizzying new single, Why Won't You Love Me?

The tripped out, Tame Impala-esque new single arrives ahead of a full EP out October 12 and a national tour this November.

What happens when you bring together the hooks of pop music's leading men, The Temper Trap's indie-leaning edge, Tame Impala's washed out dreaminess and the confidence of Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner? You get Melbourne musician Edward R. After returning last month with his first single in two years, Paradise, the Melbourne singer-songwriter has put himself forward as one of Australian indie's leading new names, showing a whole lot of promise and potential for his work in quite a long time away from the limelight. What Won't You Love Me?, his latest single, continues this trajectory, combining the qualities above of his sound to create this washed-out and dreamy take on indie-pop which is simply irresistible. It's the second single from his forthcoming new EP Body Corporate, which arrives October 12 ahead of a bunch of tour dates in November - deets and tickets HERE - and it showcases everything you'll instantly love about Edward R after just one listen. It's subdued yet lush, dense yet refreshing, and it continues his trail to becoming one of our underground's most exciting names. Check out the single below, and get to know Edward R and his sound a little better below before the full EP release.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Ed, I’ve just returned from outer space, I write sultry cinematic pop songs.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Sultry cinematic Pop

Production/writing process:

Me, sat in my humble home studio writing and experimenting with sounds and melodies. I usually start a song in 1 of 3 ways – on my acoustic, on a Rhodes type plugin or programming a drumbeat and writing something over the top. Sometimes songs come in dreams, too.

Can you tell us about your new single, Why Won’t You Love Me?

It’s a groover, a heartbreaker and a musical trip. The violin lines are quite possibly my favourite piece of music I’ve ever written (especially the ending). Put it on when you wake, on a road trip, sparking up, after kick on’s, it’s pretty much a solid ‘good vibes’ tune.

Any shows coming up?

Yes, you’ll find out reallllllll soon

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

An EP, a tour, acoustic sessions, loads of shows, remix’s, re-imaginations and writing towards my album ;)

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