Premiere: The Bennies' Anty! launches his reggae-sounding debut album, Rudeboy

Premiere: The Bennies' Anty! launches his reggae-sounding debut album, Rudeboy

On his debut album, Anty! unleashes an explosive blend reggae, hip-hop and indie that feels comparable to an Australian version of The Streets.

The Bennies are band that needs little introduction in Australia anymore; the Melbourne-based "psychedelic reggae ska doom metal punk rock from hell" band meaning a mainstay on the Australian live touring circuit for a solid six or seven years now. Anty Horgan has been at the core of the band's rise since its inception, aiding the band create their innovate take on thrashing psych-rock as the group's lead vocalist - Anty being the one who gives the group that fun, charismatic flair that's helped them become such a defining name in Australian music.

In 2020, things have been slightly different for the frontman - a story you're probably used to by now - and while others across music just kind-of floated on by or tried to be creative amongst the madness, Anty used the opportunity to double down on his work as a solo musician. He experimented on the sounds and textures that inspire him as a solo musician, exploring musical facets beyond the usual scope of The Bennies and came out the other side with a full-length, 16-track album that showcases it brilliantly; a solo debut album that's been teased throughout much of the last few months.

Today, that said album - Rudeboy - premieres on Pilerats ahead of its official release this Friday, December 11th - and what an occasion it is. Released through Disdain Records, Rudeboy is a 16-track descent into the mania of Anty!'s musical brain, diving into the reggae-like shadings of The Bennies but on a more fleshed-out level than when he's with the full band, bringing it to the forefront and pairing it with tones of hip-hop, pop, rock and beyond to create something that's difficult to find another Australian comparable to.

It's kind-of reminiscent to that carefree and light-hearted spoken word you'd expect from Mike Skinner's The Streets; bounding reggae and hip-hop like melodies forming an underlay for that half-rapping, half-singing, half-speaking vocal pace. It's an album that's designed to take you out of the mania of the current day, he alludes, with the album's light-hearted and often quite funny lyricism giving you the chance to just have a little bit of fun amongst everything going on.

"I got asked to write a little rant or something about my debut album, Rudeboy. I'm the slackest of slackness… more rude than rudimentary… some call it madness… but I call it gladness. Everything on this album is a tribute to the things I dig. It has 16 tracks… I did that to make Tim Armstrong from Rancid happy. I have taken old reggae, ska, rocksteady and dancehall riddims and I have spun my own take over the top. This is me tipping my hat to the O.G riddim slingers like Prince Buster and Big Youth. This is Anty!" He exclaims about the record.

"I had so much fun making this album, it was a great experience to spread my wings and express my chaotic mind as best I could. I believe in this album and am so happy to share it with the world. It is my best attempt at being honest and making you wanna smile, dance and party. It isn’t perfect, but then again… nothing is… never perfect, never bored."

It's one hell of a time, and you can take a dive into it below, and pre-order it for its December 11th release here.

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