Premiere: It's time you met Hannah Kate, and their fuzzy new slice of garage-pop, Cry July

Premiere: It's time you met Hannah Kate, and their fuzzy new slice of garage-pop, Cry July

They're launching it with a big show at The Tote upstairs on September 27.

Header photo by Alanna Raif.

Hannah Kate are a Melbourne-based four-piece with penchant for garage-rock tunes and wonderfully relatable tales of growing up in your treacherous 20s, no better evidenced than on latest single, Cry July (itself based on every 20-something's greatest sacrifice - Dry July). It follows on from last year's debut EP Late Brunch, and is taken from their debut album, one that frontwoman Hannah is currently working hard away on. And the progression is evident, with a subtle yet strong evolution in the polish from that previous release, while still maintaining that edge that only comes out of jamming over a few beers with friends.

Take a listen to Cry July below (click anywhere on the embed to get it started), and celebrate its launch live when they hit The Tote upstairs on September 27 - more info amongst a few questions with Hannah, below:

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a 20 year old sucker for good, gritty, garage-rock, I change my hair colour a lot and I make the best pizza. As for the band, I met Dougal (bassist) and Tom (drummer) while in high school, and I met Tali at uni. We love hangin out, usually at the ev drinking beers or at home drinking tea.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Hmm, I’m the worst at describing my own music, but I guess it’s kind of garage/indie/pop/ sometimes a lil jazzy.

Production/writing process:

I usually write the songs by myself at home, just with my guitar and voice and then bring them to the band for spicing up. Spicy time. Sometimes we’ll work out arrangements together and I’m almost always keen on my band’s ideas.

Can you tell us about your new single, Cry July?

Haha I remember when we wrote it, we were at uni practicing for a gig and I got really angry and was like “I JUST WANNA WRITE A LIKE *does rock hands and jumps a bit manically* SONG, YOU KNOW??” Then we pretty much wrote it in 20 minutes instead of practicing the set. It’s a bit of a fun one. I called it Cry July because my mates were doing Dry July and I shouted out one of them (Shelby) during a set saying good job for doing it, but didn’t know that she caved that night and was holding a pint while audience members looked at her confused, it was pretty funny.

Any shows coming up?

We do! We have our single launch on the 27th of September at the Tote (upstairs) with Eggy, Gutter Girls and Enola Gay. It’s going to be a big one (more info HERE).

hannah kate cry july launch

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Just finishing off the album and hopefully having it out by the end of the year, I want to do a little tour for it so planning that I guess. Hopefully playing lots of ~rock shows~ in the summer.

Where can we hear more of your music?

On Spotify or Bandcamp!

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