EP Walkthrough: There’s A Tuesday - Boy Scout

EP Walkthrough: There’s A Tuesday - Boy Scout

The quartet take us through their sophomore EP track by track, showcasing their refined brand of soul-stirring bliss.

Photo by Andrei Talili

Recently on Australian soil playing shows supporting BENEE and Muroki, New-Zealand alt-pop group There’s A Tuesday have been winning over hearts and fans as they continue to make dreamy soundscapes that dig a little deeper with the release of the sophomore EP Boy Scout. Out today, the release features previous single Baby Blue (which you can read a bit more about here), the upbeat yet melancholic Bus Stop, and most recent 90’s indie pop tinged anthem Girl At Night exploring the very real and universal fears of being alone and female at night. 

Consisting of two front women, Nat Hutton and Minnie Robberds, paired with Angus Murray on drums and Joel Becker on bass, There’s A Tuesday have a knack for writing songs that are atmospherically dreamy and warm, a sound that when juxtaposed with their very real emotion-fueled lyricism creates something truly breathtaking. Consisting of six tracks, Boy Scout refines this brand of soul-stirring bliss to create a relatable and impactful body of work. On the release the group share “Our sophomore EP ‘Boy Scout’ is our personal contribution towards multiple issues that humans experience. It presents conversations regarding topics such as mental health, sexuality and bodily autonomy. This is our largest musical work released and definitely the most sincere to There’s A Tuesday.”

Be sure to hit play on Boy Scout, and learn a bit more about what went into each track as There’s A Tuesday walk us through below. 

To: Amy 

‘To: Amy’ is written from the perspective of someone within a bad spout of anxiety and how consuming that is for them. They are writing to someone about their fight with their anxiety and how detrimental it can be within their relations. The writer expresses how someone's silence in those times can be so hard to navigate. 

Bus Stop

‘Bus Stop’ plays on the notion of ‘right person, wrong time’ and more often than less, the sadness that it can bring.

Baby Blue

‘Baby Blue’ considers the relationship between the self and another. It explores themes of anxiety and how this can spill into relationships with others as well as how this seems in action. The lyrics don’t resolve this problem, and aren’t supposed to. It expresses the sense in which these feelings are uncontainable and at times, unspeakable.

Girl At Night 

‘Girl At Night’ explores the well-known and all too familiar fear that we as females have experienced being out and alone at night time. We feel this is an experience that is universal amongst wāhine. We hope ‘Girl At Night’ can spread awareness about this and can spark conversations amongst any listeners. No one should have to be scared. 

Dyed Your Hair 

‘Dyed Your Hair’ is supposed to be soft and intimate. It captures moments between humans and then how once those moments are over the feeling that can be left. “I wanna lie down” means multitudes to us and hopefully can for others too. It’s not bad or good, it’s something a bit more unexplainable and different for all.

Half Bad

'Half Bad' is a really special song to us. It touches on personal experiences and conversations with people who are homophobic and pro-life. These views can have nasty and dehumanising effects on people, of which we as queer women have experienced first hand.

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There’s A Tuesday’s new EP Boy Scout is out now via Olive Records. 

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