US alt-pop hot-shot Dreamer Boy announces his new album, shares new song

US alt-pop hot-shot Dreamer Boy announces his new album, shares new song

Easier Said Than Done - the new single - is the next taste of the Nashville musician's second album All The Ways We Are Together, out this April.

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At the tail-end of last year, we received a bit of an introduction to Dreamer Boy, a Nashville-based musician sharing his then-latest release Crybaby as the second taste of new material, following the release of another single - titled Know You - earlier in 2020. Building from the sounds of his 2018 debut record Love NostalgiaCrybaby felt like a dizzying display of Dreamer Boy's hazy, alt-pop sheen at its best and most brilliant, capturing that enchanting bedroom-pop charm that's helped elevate musicians like Clairo but in a different way, mixed with nostalgic richness from the 60s and 70s.

It was a moment that in our eyes, made him an international artist to watch in the year ahead. Psychadelic and emotive at the same time, it felt like the natural progression to this DIY-built, left-field pop sound that was popularised across 2020; an extension of the comforting and often-relatable voices of our next generation - an era that Dreamer Boy is sure to be a part of.

In 2021, he's doubling down on that. This April, he'll share his second album All The Ways We Are Together, arriving via slowplay / Harvest / Caroline Australia on April 22nd. It's an album that's sure to heighten is rich and dizzying sound, encapsulating his past 18 months and the rollercoaster of a ride packed within that through songwriting that'll reach out to you and comfort you like a warm, familiar hug; his storytelling - and the way he conveys that through bursts of melodic pop - having the ability to make you feel 'seen' even in the strangest of moments.

Easier Said Than Done is his new single and the next taste of Dreamer Boy's charm, and it fits perfectly in-line with what we've come to expect. Backed by a washed-out waterfall of guitar, Easier Said Than Done places Dreamer Boy's musicianship in the forefront, as his voice lingers amongst a combination of rhythms and melodies that elevate his every word. "I wrote it when I was at a low point and the song represents the voice of a friend who is helping you through a hard time," he says on the single. 

It's a song that - for the musician - reaches out much like his music does for the general public. "We have to lean on one another in this life and remind each other who we are and what matters. I needed to be reminded I couldn’t hold the weight on my own shoulders, and that having friends to help bear our burdens is a beautiful part of life."

There's an official video clip too, which doubles down on its connection-based themes as he gets together with friends to celebrate their encouragement and support amongst the last twelve months. With the video, I simply wanted to put some of my friends on camera, highlight the people who have made me feel lighter this past year," he says. "Once we realize we are not alone, we are free to run, and I hope everyone has that encouragement in their life. Sometimes getting out of the rut is as simple as taking one step. When you don’t know where to begin, begin anywhere."

As mentioned, Dreamer Boy's second album All The Ways We Are Together is out via slowplay / Harvest / Caroline Australia on April 22nd. You can pre-order the record here, but until then, take a dive into the single's self-directed video clip below:

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