Cry Club's second single, DFTM, is a must-listen moment of power

Cry Club's second single, DFTM, is a must-listen moment of power

One of our favourite musical discoveries of 2018 burst into 2019 in style.

Header photo by Cath Connell.

There were a lot of Australian artists that immediately caught our attention with captivating debut singles in 2018, but none quite like Cry Club. The Wollongong pop-punk duo burst out the gates with Walk Away, a track that united powerful guitar riffs and chanting, commanding vocals with a very impactful message, talking of the anguish of queer Australians during the 2017 same-sex marriage plebiscite. "[It's] a gripping and emotion-driven anthem that blurs genre lines in the best of ways, combining this ripping punk-esque instrumental with the accessible and captivating vocals you'd more expect from a slick pop release, tying them together in a quick-paced, two-minute power-anthem that'll leave you floored" we said on the single last year and it's something that holds true all this time later - even after hours on hours of listening, it'll still slap you in the face with its power.

In the time since, Cry Club have only gotten better. They were one of our stand-out sets of BIGSOUND 2018, pulling all the punches with a small, yet fiery set that sees their recorded energy and liveliness explode ten-fold. Then, we named them one of our acts to watch in 2019, noting the impact they've made with just one song and, with the promise of more to come this year, the potential they have to bring. Now, they're making our thoughts reality, with their second single DFTM showcasing exactly why we think the band are one of Australia's best newcomers. DFTM sees Cry Club flesh out and deepen those slight pop mannerisms of Walk Away, keeping that post-punk charm but placing slightly more emphasis on Heather's driving vocal, which this time around, feels even more as commanding as they were on Walk Away - and just as important.

"The song came about after seeing a tweet from someone complaining about a guy going in for the full body grab as he moved passed them in a club. The person turned around and said 'Don’t fucking touch me, you creepy cunt!' and for some reason it struck this combination of unfortunately relatable and 'DAMN, I wish I could say that'," says Heather on the single. "The whole thing is frustrating. It should be simple. Don’t fucking touch me. This is a way to finally be able to say it and to help other people say it too. We want people to treat other people with respect at our shows, we want people to feel safe at our shows and know we’re looking out for them. It’s frustration you can dance to, have fun to, and know that you’re in good hands while you do so."

Listen to the single below, and catch 'em live at a couple of dates coming up over the next month or so:

Tour Dates:

Sat. Feb 16 - Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, Brisbane
Fri. Feb 22– The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne
Sat. Mar 8 – Botany View Hotel, Sydney

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