15 Australian Labels That Will Rule 2015

15 Australian Labels That Will Rule 2015

We asked 15 of our fave Aussie labels to fill us in on their New Year's plans.

We're entering a New Year rich in musical possibility, with so many incredible artists about to break and significant releases about to drop. Accompanying this abundance of music is usually some difficulty for fans – how to separate the wheat from the chaff? Which is why record labels are still so important – as labels you guys help guide our listening, and do all the hard work digging up the best and getting word out to fans, before handing over the goods so they can head off on their own journey of discovery, and connecting them with artists they love with bookings and showcases.

We've gone and chosen 15 Australian labels who we think rule, and asked the movers and shakers behind the labels to fill us in on some of the awesome things they've got brewing for 2015. If you want to get on top of the best new music that will come out of Australia this year, know that it will all have its roots in one of these labels below. In no particular order: 


Plastic World17.04 624x345

Sydney-based boutique dance label Plastic World is made up of two guys well known to many in the independent Australian music industry for their impeccable taste and initiative: former Future Classic man James McInnes and Astral People’s Vic Edirisinghe. They’re committed to vinyl-only releases and ‘world firsts on local bests’, with a focus on the bourgeoning underground electronic scene in Australia. Their releases so far have been straight-out quality: with a standout in Alba’s EP Knokke/Law, and it was awesome to see a label get behind the huge talent of our much-loved Perth mates Savoir, releasing their double A-side Eternal/Malala. We need more guys like this around. James relays to us the go for Plastic World in 2015:

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

2015 is a year of second releases and new faces for Plastic World! New material from Retiree, Alba and hopefully GL. Then new faces like Thomas William, World Champion and Hugo Frederick. We also have a compilation of totally unreleased music from Australian artists were piecing together. If you have demos send ‘em to hey@plastic-world.net.

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

Too many to name... Can't get enough of Chapter MusicButter Sessions, MDC and Templar Sound at the moment.

i oh you

Almost five years ago now, Johann Ponniah founded I Oh You in the wake of a house party thrown to pay off some overdue bills. He’s since moved into the Mushroom Group’s offices, signed DZ Deathrays, Violent Soho, Snakadaktal, Bleeding Knees Club and City Calm Down, and has built I Oh You into one of the most influential and indispensible labels within the Australian music landscape; with his hard effort rewarded at the AIR Awards last year, when I Oh You won Best Independent Label. We were stoked to have I Oh You signees DMA’s play at our music festival, CIRCO, last year (also their first Perth show ever) and even more excited for I Oh You and the DMA’s that they’ve just been added to the NYC Governers’ Ball line up! Johann fills us in on things to look forward to from I Oh You in the year ahead.

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

We're working on a few things at the moment, it's hard to pick one specific release or artist but I did just email Drake's lawyer to see if he would like to sign to our label (Drake, not his lawyer). Will let you know how we go!

Who can we expect releases from?

We have debut albums coming for both City Calm Down and DMA's in 2015. I'm very psyched for people to hear the tunes that both bands have been working on, super rad.

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

I only listen to music that Future Classic releases.

 sweat it out records

The brainchild of Aussie dance music legend AJAX (R.I.P), Sweat It Out! Music have been at the forefront of electronic music in this country for a long time now, home to the likes of Yolanda Be Cool, RÜFÜS, Indian Summer, Motez, Danny T and Go Freek, to name a few. They also happen to be a bunch of absolute legends, and any news out of the Sweat camp is met with fervor around these parts. Sweat It Out’s Marketing Manager Mick Ryan lets us know what’s in store.

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

There’s no way we can pick just one! We’ve got Go Freek (and a soon to be announced new signing) in the studio right now with the legendary Barbara Tucker, Motez has just delivered the EP to end all EP’s, we’ve just signed a young legend from the GC called Lyndon Kidd to Club Sweat. Indian Summer continue their world domination, Danny T is writing the best music of his career, What So Not have got tunes pretty much ready to go, and of course, RÜFÜS' second album drops this year! There is also a Crooked Colours EP on the way, some really, really dope Club Sweat stuff, Cassian, Benson, Cut Snake, Indian Summer, Plastic Plates and last but not least, Yolanda Be Cool… and DCUP has promised not to make us wait four years between hits like last time.

All in all, you could say we are pretty f**kin' busy.

What are some key events on the horizon for Sweat It Out?

We’re going to be having the first ever Sweat It Out tour, which is set to feature a bunch of our future stars. Happening really early in 2015… so stay tuned. The Sweaty XMAS party tradition will continue no doubt, and that’s probably our biggest party every year. We’re also going to revisit our hugely successful Miami Winter Conference party.

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why? 

You bloggers seem to be doing okay of late ;) We’re really excited to see what 2015 brings for both Pilerats Records and Stoney Roads Records. It’s really interesting to see that all of those gaps in the industry being bridged. Really keen to see what comes from the Medium Rare Recordings camp this year as well. We’re pretty good buddies with the dudes that run it, and have released tunes by all four of them, so we’re pretty confident they have the know how to do some really interesting things.

medium rare

Medium Rare Recordings are the combined forces of four of Australia’s heaviest house music hitters in Ben ‘Benson’ O’Connor, Daniel ‘Terace’ Farley, Tom Piper and Mike Metro. We once termed them the ‘Four Housemen Of The Apocalypse’, and we’re sticking to it. They’ve only just dropped their first release in Pilerats’ fave LO’99’s Take Me Back, but as you can see below from the team, there’s plenty to look forward to in 2015.

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

We are all really excited about our next single release, it's a Mike Metro record with Stashi on vocals called In The Dark, can't wait to share that with everyone. In The Dark will be happening from February, but the remixes for Take Me Back by LO'99 & Marshall F have just come out in Australia and we're about to release it in the UK with a label partner too, pretty exciting to be taking all our music across the world! We are also releasing a series of EPs called Local Cuts in which we showcase upcoming Australian and New Zealand talent. Local Cuts 002 is dropping before the end of January and it's FREE, peeps should keep their eyes on our website or social media to snag up a copy as soon as it's out and about :)

What are some key events for Medium Rare on the horizon in 2015?

We are in the very early stages of the label so beyond tipsy conversations of these sorts of things, that six months ago we would have considered pipedreams, we haven’t got anything like this locked as such. There are definitely talks of doing some MRR showcase nights at club nights around the country that we love which we hope to make a reality in the coming months which would be awesome!

Oh, and there is a bit of a manic collaboration between all four of us and one unnamed other that’s starting to sound very promising…

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

Without a doubt we’d all have to say Sweat It Out. They’ve been at the forefront of the game for over five years now consistently putting out different and forward thinking music regardless of whether it was popular or not. They’ve had #1s across the world, yet still manage to sign some of the most eclectic records you can hear in electronic music. They’ve been a big inspiration for all of us and we all continue to be involved in the family that is Sweat to this day. INFINITE respect!

untzz logo

The first Untzz 12" party we ever went to was in the middle of 2013 when I.C.S.S.C. brought the Adelaide DJ party promoters/DJ collective/vinyl-only label to Perth for the first time. It was at an old-school Greek community club in the city, the floor was carpeted, the drinks – served by what looked like the managers’ pre-pubescent Greek nephews – were cheap and strong, and visionaries Babicka, Dass and Mic Mills tore the room from limb to limb, spinning rare, white-hot house and techno vinyl all night long. They’ve since been back to Perth twice, and again we got down when they supported Oneman on a rooftop of Freo, or when they went deep at Gilkisons for Methods of Movement. Over the course of each year they press up some seriously good vinyl on 180gram: releasing techno, dub, house, disco and beyond, cuts that have become sought-after by many of the world’s most clued-in DJs, including Glasgow club tastemakers Bicep, who had this to say of UNTZZ: "In Australia there’s this group of guys that have a record label…called Untzz and everything on the label is like pure machine music and dark as fuck." Brad Shawyer (Babicka) talks Untzz in 2015.

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

After releasing a slew of EPs towards the end of last year we’re heading back to the roots and going to put out more focussed club records with various artists on one twelve. We’ve toyed with the idea of remixing one another’s tracks for a compilation type thing too.

What are some key events on the horizon for Untzz 12 Inch in 2015?

With a new base in Europe for the time being, the possibilities are endless. Being down the road from Dubplates and Mastering could be a big turnaround point for us as far as actually being able to play our own dubs before cutting 300 copies of them. I think you get a completely different grasp on the sound and arrangement of your stuff when you're playing it on vinyl, and until this point, it’s been too late to change anything once we’ve got it on wax.

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

Definitely Butter Sessions, the Sleep D guys do everything so right and I think they are without a doubt the most promising label this country has to offer right now.

stoney roads records2

Sydney-based kings of the electronic music blog scene, Stoney Roads threw their hat into the record label ring in the second half of last year announcing Stoney Roads Records with German-based producer Mazde, and his single Shifted Thoughts, featuring an act they would later announce as their second artist, Sydney duo La Mar. It's early days yet, but with the pedigree and knowledge behind Stoney Roads, we're expecting a big 2015. Andrew Cotman fills us in.

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015? 

This year is looking like a biggie, we've got another release penned from Berlin-based producer Mazde who cracked 500,000+ plays on his first single, a new track from Sydney duo La Mar (sounding so so so so so so good) and a fresh one from Melbourne house kid Sweetland that already has a few Euro fans chasing.

In terms of new talent we've got our eyes open but wanting to nurture and keep the focus on these three acts, as you'd know label stuff is a full time thing so all our energy and time is being poured into the success of these guys but you never know who we could release next :D 

What are some key events for Stoney Roads Records on the horizon in 2015? 

Hoping to have Mazde for an Australian tour outside of his growing bookings in Europe, La Mar are also looking to push their new single around the place when it lands and making sure Sweetland's new one finds the right DJs and clubs overseas (most likely where he'll find his biggest fans). If the planets align we want to run a Stoney party with all these cats on the bill to show the diversity, variety and talent on show! Collaborations are always on the cards after La Mar featured on Mazde's first one and he then remixed the boys. We are chasing a cool vocal for Mazde's new one and should have a super hot remix for Sweetland in the not too distant future.

New talent is always on the cards if we find something we really believe in (actually happens too often), but semi-looking for a female act/group to help round out the Stoney Roads Records family! 

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

Easy question, you guys (Pilerats)! Loving the roster and always picking up the gems. Also in a similar vein to Stoney Roads Records a bit of variety in the sounds your pushing. Australian music is seriously kicking some butts hey??


Our Perth pals Die High are busy kids with their fingers in a lot of pies; working as promoters, DJs, management and releasing records. We like that Die High aim big with their releases, with an eye towards international artists, predominantly in the realm of future bass. Stuff Die High got serious high fives from us for in 2014 included the release of a collaborative EP from Melbourne producers CHIEFS and Nick Acquroff, and an impressive debut in The City, from Colorado native StéLouse, whom we very much dig the Wave Racer-y, '80s nostalgia-laden vibes of. Promotion and DJ highlights included Die High teaming up Surface Tension to bring Soulection’s Joe Kay over, and Die High DJs opening up for LuckyMe’s Paypal, and representing at key events like EMC Play in Sydney, and the inaugural HoochFest. Gabriel Bravo from Die High chats us about all things 2015:

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

People are just going to have to wait and see I guess. A lot of the previous familiar faces will be back again this year, both Australian and International BUT there is a few exciting new artist signings on the table, majority of which are freakish teen prodigies. Plus an exclusive debut of the office band that's currently going by the name "Check Out My Soundcloud Dawg, Please Play Us On Triple J". We haven't written any songs, have instruments or practiced....ever, but the name is that good it shouldn't really matter! 

What are some key events on the horizon for Die High in 2015? 

A few of the boys will be on tour this year and heading on international writing trips to collab and work on some big projects which is pretty exciting shit. Other than that, we can't really reveal too much without ruining the mystery or spieling about boring business developments that no one really cares about, so I'm dropping a trusty "D) all of the above".... Did we fail the unit??

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

We really like UNTZZ 12" which is coming out of Adelaide. Always look forward to their new releases - staple early morning house party anthems.

good company records

Good Company are really nice guys. Aside from that, they're a leading independent events/promotions collective 'round Perth ways, who have brought to West Australian shores a diverse array of dance acts including Anthony Naples, Maria Minerva, THEESatisfaction, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Suzanne Kraft and a tonne more, over the course of a few years. Last year Good Company consolidated their touring taste into a record shop, that founder Andrew Sinclair operated out of his bedroom. Excitingly for many music lovers in Perth, late last year Andrew moved the store out of his bedroom into a bricks-and-mortar location (267 Hay St, Subiaco) that's now expertly run by himself, Nik and Perry (in the same space you'll also find independent print store, Apropros Provisional). We were lucky enough to shoot a Pilerats short film in there a month ago, keep your eyes on the website for its premiere soon! Andrew gives us an insiders' look at Good Company in 2015. 

What’s some exciting stuff happening for your label in 2015?

Good Company Records is a label dedicated to sending all the world-class underground electronic music of Perth into the stratosphere. All these incredible producers have been laying low too long, time for people to know how dope they really are, West Coast style. Expect 10/10 releases from Hugo Gerani (watch his live set for Boiler Room Perth last year), Phil Stroud & Consulate and much, much more.

What are some key events coming up?

We're teaming up with The M.O.V.E. Foundation to present Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter - the DJs behind the remarkable Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday events in New York City, which are huge, well-respected nights of thoughtfully curated house music. Support from RTRFM's Rok Riley and myself (Tickets HERE).

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

We're really hangin' out for the first releases from Perth bad boiz Cosi Cosi, and we're eagerly awaiting all the new sh** from Aussie legends Noise In My HeadHome Loan RecordsAnimals Dancing et al.

two bright lakes logo

One of the most creative and evolving labels out, Melbourne’s Two Bright Lakes is a label where the musicians choose the music – meaning their selections are always on point. Otouto, Seagull, Touch Typist, Blake Byron-Smith and a bunch of other talented individuals collectively make the label happen. We loved releases Two Bright Lakes gave us last year from Banoffee, Hello Satellites and Collarbones, and got in touch with Two Bright Lakes’ Blake Byron-Smith for a look at their 2015.

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

One release we're very excited about is the Secretly Susan LP, the new album by Sui Zhen, a very talented musician and visual artist/video director, it's a really wonderful progression for her and a beautiful album. Lots of other surprises in store too...

What are some key releases to look forward to in 2015?

The new music from Banoffee out later in the year is going to blow everyone away, as will Brendan Welch's new album. They're both incredible songwriters making some beautiful music, irrespective of genre.

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why? 

Too many to list, so many great labels putting out music now, but certainly looking forward to some stuff on Animals Dancing and Plastic World - including new stuff from GL and Retiree we hope!

spinning top

Even though they only officially launched as a label (distributed by Warner’s ADA Australia) mid last year, Fremantle fam Spinning Top have been kickin’ around for a lot longer than that, managingTame Impala and POND, and doing a bunch of releases inhouse, that are always super aligned with the individuality and lifestyle of their artists. Debuts from Shiny Joe Ryan and Peter Bibby, and a strong and musically adventurous release from Felicity Groom in Hungry Sky and an epic international touring schedule, made it a great 2014 for the label. Spinning Top’s creativity and unique aesthetic when it comes to album artwork, too, has always been something we’ve admired: Pond’s forthcoming Man It Feels Like Space Again album cartoonish artwork by Ben Montero is already looking dope. Garth Carwardine fills us in on Spinning Top in 2015.

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

We’ve just taken on Fascinator and released the first single from his upcoming record Showin’ Off - currently the #1 ordered track on Aus' community radio. As well as his full length, we’ll have releases from Gunns and The Growl. On the Management arm - new records from Pond and Tame Impala!

What are some key events on the horizon for Spinning Top this year?

We’ve got Peter Bibby and POND on Laneway to kick this year off, Tame Impala playing before AC/DC at Coachella and a whole bunch more. There may even be a Spinning Top tour later this year!

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

Mistletone. There’s always sweet things going on over there.


Independent DIY label Hobbledehoy began in Melbourne nine years ago, and has since been representin’ out of Adelaide for the past four, with their close-knit family of artists that include Eleventh He Reaches London, The Leap Year, This Will Destroy You, Fourteen Nights At Sea, Caspian and a host of other legends, you can find a bunch of their releases here. Label founder Tom Majerczak lets us in on his 2015 plans.

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

2015 is still a bit of a mystery... A lot of plans are still in early stages. However, there will be more new music from Fourteen Nights at Sea and Caspian.

What are some key events coming up?

We’re planning our second annual label showcase, Hobble Day. Last year it was in Brisbane, this year city still TBA. It'll also have a sleepy band returning from a break of a few years. Arrows are touring with Mineral (sounds like emo fan fiction, right?). We’ve also got a new US label partnership, and expect more coffee collaboration roasts (yum!).

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

I've got my eye on Spirit Level, Wally De Backer's (Gotye’s) new label, I don't think they'll be super active - but certainly interesting.

rice nice

Sydney-based independent record label Rice Is Nice are a model label for independent upstarts, and 2015 sees them moving into their eighth year of operation. Starting out with Spod and Straight Arrows, founder Julia Wilson now supports a great family of talent; that includes Summer Flake, Seekae, Richard In Your Mind, Shady Lane and more.

What’s the biggest/most exciting thing happening for Rice is Nice in 2015?

We have a number of really exciting releases this year. Some new, some are backing it up but all are 100% full power awesome.

What are some key events happening for your label in 2015?

We are throwing a summer party on Sunday 18 January, that may be the first of a few more this year. The Frowning Clouds, Summer Flake, Terrible Truths, Weak Boys and Darts are all playing. There is a bit of overseas action on the cards too - I can't stop signing rad bands!

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

Chapter Music and Bedroom Suck of course!


Founded by Graham Ashton, one of the organisers behind the BigSound music conference, Footstomp Music is an indie imprint of Warner Records, who’ve pulled together a very nice roster indeed, with a family that includes Busby Marou, Karl S Williams, The Medics and Thelma Plum, who we’re big fans of round these parts. Take a look at this video below we filmed when Thelma was in town lately, and hear what Graham's got in store for us in 2015.

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

We are 'frothing' over our next release due in February to coincide with the start of the World Surfing League. Froth is a compilation album featuring the likes of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Midnight Oil, Bad Religion, Pennywise and Bloc Party. Froth is the true soundtrack for surfing - the greatest songs from the best surf movies from 1982 - 2014. We are also putting the finishing touches on a deal with one the most unique artists in Australia. Very soon that artist will be announced as the fifth to join the label family that currently includes Busby Marou, The Medics, Thelma Plum and Karl S. Williams.

What are some key events on the horizon for Footstomp?

It's hard to go past our next two parties. January 23 we are hosting our first party at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, with a seven-band bill at a BYO photo studio. We are also putting the finishing touches on the bill for our party in May at Canadian Music Week in which will be close to ten artists from all over the world playing at a burlesque bar in Toronto. We pride ourselves on our parties and last year, hosted events from Alice Springs to New York City and this year looks like more of the same.

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

I have a great respect for Dew Process. I worked there for five years prior to starting Footstomp and they remain inspiring to me and I know if we are both aiming to sign the same artist that I have a significant challenge on my hands.

feral media logo

With more than ten years under its belt, and a roster that runs 60 artists deep, record label Feral Media sets the bar for a lot of upcoming Aus' labels. Their dedication to releasing contemporary independent, experimental and future-forward music, from a hugely diverse set of Australian artists, and getting it out to the nation and overseas audiences, deserves some serious high fives. The release they put out from Setec last year was on point, and we really enjoy their Strain of Origincompilation series each year, too - get stuck into the one they put out at the end of 2014 HERE. Feral's Greg Stone details what's coming up for the label in 2015. 

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

We've actually got two new signings which we are pretty excited about, both of whom have albums due out in the first half of the year. The first comes from Software Of Seagulls, the electronic alter-ego of Brisbane composer Chris Perren (Mr. Maps/Nonsemble). The second comes from Canberra artist Reuben Ingall who makes solemn, glitchy pieces for guitar and vocals which are a beguiling mix of digital technology and simple balladry. You can find a preview track from Software Of Seagulls here.

What are some key events on the horizon for Feral Media in 2015?

Feral Media always prides itself on helping to promote new and exciting Australia artists and 2015 is no exception with at least three to four releases from emerging artists. Aside from this we are toying with the idea of a tribute album for a very influential English band. We have mentioned the idea to a few artists who are all keen to take part so that has encouraged us to pursue the idea further. The concept of a 'tribute album' could be seen as a bit cheesy but we will try to approach it in an interesting way befitting the band in question.

Aside from your own label, who is another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015 and why?

A couple of Australian labels we will be following very closely in 2015 are // This Thing // and Dream Damage. //This Thing// had a cracker of a year in 2014 with great releases from Kane Ikin, Dylan Michel and Electric Sea Spider; and if the latter's two-track single is anything to go by we can expect great things from his new album. Although Dream Damage releases were few and far between in 2014 they were still firm favourites for the year with killer albums by Slow Violence and Bare Grillz. And let's not forget the TV Colours and POWER MOVES albums from 2013!

And seen as we had one spot left to fill, we thought we'd take opportunity to blow our own trumpet for 2 seconds ;)

PR records2

After launching at the end of 2013, with the help of Warner Music, our label wing Pilerats Records has made itself an essential part of the Australian scene. Over the course of 2014, Pilerats Records nurtured a talented Perth bedroom producer into an Australian electronic star, had two beautiful souls from the outer reaches of the East Coast making hips go wild around the nation, and reminded us that garage and surf rock ain't dead by a long shot. Through its releases Pilerats Records does a great job pushing the music culture we represent here on the Pilerats Website, and we can't wait to join them on what's going to be a really fun ride in 2015. Take it away, Dan Dalton:

What’s the biggest thing on the cards for your label in 2015?

Sable has been working on new tracks pretty quickly the last few months, a particular demo calledJenova I can't take off repeat. There's these woozy metallic chords that just suck you in, and a killer video game sample choice, it's huge. Willow Beats finished the water EP some time ago so maybe we'll see a record from them before the years out - who knows!

We've put pen to paper on a bunch of new acts we can't wait to tell you about too. I guess I can't really say too much now - a lot of West Coast stuff, we're doing our own thing over here :)

What are some key events on the horizon?

We plan to take some of our guys through the CMJ Music Marathon this year. The Aussie BBQ is a huge Australian-leaning (obviously) showcase they have there, a lot of our friends were there this year, 2015 is ours though! Haha. We'll be starting a bunch of Pilerats Records parties in each city too, most of us in Pilerats have a background in...throwing parties, so it's great to have a reason to do that in other cities now, with our own label artists.

We're really humbled about the support the country has given us in the last 12 months or so, and to all the people that booked our artists for festivals, headline shows e.t.c, we just want to keep that momentum going, and release a lot of good music!

Aside from your own label, whose another Australian label you’ll be keeping a firm eye on in 2015?

Plastic World have put out releases by Dro Carey and countless other amazing producers over the last few months. Aside from the prolific heinous above, that Harvey Sutherland Remix of Retiree's Altruisme that they slipped out was one of the best tracks of the year. Two Bright Lakes, Templar Sound and Untzz Records are always worth keeping an eye on too.


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