Wonderland 2014 Mixtape

Wonderland 2014 Mixtape

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With Wonderland Festival coming thick and fast, today's post is a two-pronged announcement. The first - and most relevant to what we're talking about - is the release of the Wonderland 2014 Mixtape, mixed by ever-reliable Perth DJ Sleepyhead and premiered earlier today with the good folks at Purple Sneakers. He helps us out yearly for the CIRCO Festival mixtapes, and this is another featuring all the acts on the bill, along with a couple of Sleepyhead flourishes, including Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. It's a sweet little 20+ minutes to sort out ya house party soundtrack, or Wonderland Festival pre-drinks. The festival hits Supreme Court Gardens Saturday 20 December, head HERE for tickets.

You may also notice the mix has been posted to our brand new (and accordingly very skint) Pilerats.com Soundcloud. To differentiate a little between ourselves and the Record Label, we decided to start up our own Soundcloud to give us the freedom to post all kinds of different music. We write posts on the website about so much different music, and we've now got the opportunity to re-post it here, along with hosting our own music premieres for other artists, exclusive DJ mixes, our own DJ mixes, and playlists for various upcoming events (our own Christmas Party being the first example). So stream the Wonderland mix below, chuck us a follow on the old SC, and may all your musical whimsies come true.

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