New Music: Rabit - Bloody Eye

New Music: Rabit - Bloody Eye

New experimental electronica from Houston-based producer Rabit.

Tri Angle Records, whose guiding motto as music curators is "haunted by the need to find things that will haunt us", have birthed a number of high-profile releases (as far as weirder, non-convential beat music goes, in any case) over the past couple of years: artists such as Evian Christ (whom we experienced live at our music festival, CIRCO, in the festival's initial year), Forest Swords, How To Dress Well and many more left-leaning artists we really respect.

Next thing coming up for this awesome label is an EP release - Baptizm - from Rabit, a grime producer from the US, who has this really distinct, mechanical sound that instantly draws you in, and has been one of the key young producers spearheading the genre's resurgence in recent years. The EP will be Rabit's debut on the label, probably his most high profile release, too, although he's been cranking out mixtapes and 12"s for a minute now, and in 2013 had a nice feature on Keysound Recordings with Logos vis a vis the Cold Mission LP. Rabit's sound isn't for everyone - some of his tracks are broken down to the point where they're just bass and broken glass - but those who veer towards more minimal productions will appreciate his ability to really stretch sound. 

Listen to a new track Rabit's just released, Bloody Eye, which will feature on Baptizm. Baptizm is due out March 17 on 12" and digital. If you're keen to delve into Rabit's deconstructed grime sounds a bit more, we've included a track from the Cold Mission LP with Logos below, as well as an absolute stormer, Black Dragon, from his EP on Irish label Glacial Sound.


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