Dungeons & Dragons Dance Party

Dungeons & Dragons Dance Party

Raw visuals from Melbourne DIY dance party bizarros Zanzibar Chanel.

Melbourne DIY dance party bizarros Zanzibar Chanel are an act that come along once in one’s clubbing lifetime. Their super-weird greatness is hard to describe but their esoteric house certainly stands out a mile in a sometimes bleak nightclub landscape of mediocre house, uncreative electronica and grating trap.

Baba-X (who does brilliant solo stuff, too) makes groove-laden hi-fi beats, while part-time diva, full-time dead set legend Zac Segbedzi sings and raps over them and is a delight in a live situation, a big fella, he often goes bare-chested, and sometimes dons a balaclava and nipple tassles. Oh yes. They’ve played in Perth a couple of times and both times the party situation got very, very sweaty.

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They’ve just released a raw-as-fuck video feat. "Dungeon Master Posse" (who I think is just ZC in alter ego form?) for their new track Mustn't Evolve, from their Drunk at the Jazz Club EP (released in September), which is out now on Michael Ozone’s Home Loan Records. The clip’s directed by Liam Osborne, who is also behind dystopian Melbourne synth act Synthetic Texxxture. It's set in a fake dungeon that looks like a set from a BBC childrens fantasy show from the 80s, and it's not for the close-minded (!): 

According to ZC’s Facebook, vinyl represses of Drunk at The Jazz Club will be available soon, but "who knows when though?", quip ZC. In the meantime, listen to/cop the digital release here:



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