Video: Montgomery - Not Around

Video: Montgomery - Not Around

Montgomery busts out another beautiful clip, this time for her latest single, Not Around.

Following her introduction to the Australian/world soundscape in 2014, I OH YOU's most recent signee, Montgomery has released another beautifully shot video clip. Not Around is the follow-up single from her debut track Pinata, both appearing on her debut EP New Clear War. The clip was filmed in the Praga District of Warsaw, Poland and shot on Kodak Super 16mm film - a collaborative effort between herself and director Jessica Lawton, who had this to say on the video: "Inspiration came from the track's natural hinging between the melancholy lyricism and notion of a love gone sour, and the instrumentation that, to me, suggested hope." After being very impressed with her output so far, we're very intrigued as to where the Montgomery project heads in 2015.

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