Video: The Avener - Fade Out Lines

Video: The Avener - Fade Out Lines

The Avener's latest single, Fade Out Lines, is as if Darkside decided to embrace deep house.

French producer The Avener's track Fade Out Lines, a deep house majesty, has finally become available in Australia and it's ticking all the boxes for a slow-burning hit. Indeed, it takes the proggier elements of Darkside with the throbbing bass lines and adds some vivacious guitar licks. And while it doesn't have the long drawn out builds that Darkside excel in, the coltish choruses add a summery feel that is lost on Darkside and other deep house producers. And that mashing of a dark throbbing bass throughout the build with playful guitar chords in the chorus sees The Avener become more than just another French producer making deep house. Grab it from iTunes HERE.

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