Pilerats Records: Rat Pack #2 teaser

Pilerats Records: Rat Pack #2 teaser

We're back with another awesome compilation, can you guess who will be on it?

At the end of last year we launched our own label, Pilerats Records and to celebrate the formation of it we brought together some of our favourite artists together in one epic and free compilation. It was called Rat Pack #1 and it featured unheard tracks from Trippy Turtle, Ryan Hemsworth, Esta, Odesza and more! We later brought Ryan Hemsworth, Odesza and Esta down for Circo 2014 which went down a treat. Over this year we signed on Perth bass lord Sable, the aurally stunning Willow Beats, lo-fi jammers Hamjam and Phoenixesque Cabana.

So after a killer year for Pilerats we thought why not do another compilation? And on that note we're happy to announce the arrival of Rat Pack #2. Well, not just yet. It's coming Monday 8 December but we've got a monolithic wordsearch for you to try and figure out all the artists before it's released. Can you find out who will be on there?

Rat Pack 2 Final

Artwork by us. #Madeinthepile 

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