New: Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - Sugarman

New: Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - Sugarman

The dream team finally re-unite for a take on Rodriguez's classic.

Don't pretend you didn't at some stage enjoy the heck out of We Speak No Americano when it became the one and only go-to track for clubs/pubs/parties/RSLs in 2010. Sure Yolanda Be Cool had to denounce themselves from it a year or two ago, but that's only because you all played it THAT much. Well it's been four years coming but YBC and DCUP have finally re-convened on a new jam, ready made for foot-tapping and club grooving. The reunion tales goes a little like this:

Andrew (YBC): “We always intended to do more tunes together, but we just never seemed to be able to be in the same room for long enough. Then Duncan moved to Melbourne and for a while, I guess we just did our own thing.”

Duncan (DCUP): “As much as we wanted to do more tunes together, apart from finding the time, we also knew that finding a sample with the same magic as Americano was a must. We didn't want to just put out tunes for the sake of it. Fast forward to now, and it just felt right to get back in the studio. We had been passing sample ideas back and forth for a while and we all just fell in love with Sugar Man. It felt right.”

The timing is definitely right with the world's new found appreciation for Rodriguez following the documentary Searching For Sugar Man, and this remix totally pays respect to it whilst adding the right amount of signature groove from both artists. They'll be celebrating its release with an Australian tour, check all the dates after the stream.

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