New: Paces - On My Mind EP

New: Paces - On My Mind EP

Paces proves it's not all about the Doritos with an accomplished 3-tracker.

Following the release of his first single with new home etcetc a few weeks ago in On My Mind feat. Youth, Gold Coast producer and part-time Surcut Kid Paces has released the full EP that homes the track, and it's a tidy, self-contained release that feels a lot more rounded than a lot of what we see these days. By this I mean a lot of artists throw out EPs with the one good single and a couple of follow-up tunes, with the package as a whole feeling a little disjointed. Very pleasing in the cases of young Paces, the On My Mind EP features UK outfit Youth providing the vocals on all three tracks, instantly making it feel like more connected body of work. Each track feels different to each other, but not separate. Basically, I love it, and it continues a good run following his work with Aussie hip hop queen Tkay Maidza on her recent single Switch Lanes, and bodes incredibly well for the coming summer.


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