Introducing - JP Klipspringer

Introducing - JP Klipspringer

Get to know folktranica enthusiast JP Klipspringer, and his new EP, Drip Dry.

Celebrating his first full release, Melbourne solo artist JP Klipspringer answered a few questions for us so yo could get to know him - and his super-chilled slow jams that remind me of a sparser version of The Panics - a little better. Stream the EP below, or buy it HERE.

Who are you?

I’m Jack, and my new(ish) project is JP Klipspringer. It’s a solo outfit with a live band to back me at most shows.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

We’re talkin’ lush, catchy, sad pop songs. Some electronic elements. Lots of keys, guitars and vocals. A few soulful beats.

Production/writing process:

I recorded and mixed my debut EP with Simon Lam of I’lls and Klo fame. It was such a fun project to work on, 'cause Simon is a total pro and completely understands what I want to get from my music. Generally, I would take a near fully-baked song idea to him, and we’d put the icing on together.

What do you do outside of JP Klipspringer?

I play in another Melbourne indie-rock band called The Zanes. We’re taking a little break at the moment but will be back soon. Other than that, I work a job, go to the footy and download TV series.

Any shows coming up? 

I have an EP launch at the Toff in Town on Saturday May 17 (event HERE). Slow Dancer (Simon Oakley of Oh Mercy fame), SirJoseph (Chris Mulhall of Vance Joy) and Nearly Oratorio (Simon Lam from I’lls and Klo) will be supporting me on the night. It will be wild. 

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

I’ll be playing plenty of shows to support the release of this EP. After that, I’ll be releasing a remixes edit of the EP with contributions from some of my favourite producers from Melbourne and abroad. Then I’ll be heading to America and the UK for a holiday and to play some shows, and as soon as I’m back, I’ll start work on my follow-up EP. Bloody busy, bloody unreal. 

Where can we hear more of your music?


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