New Music: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love

New Music: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love

Unknown Mortal Orchestra drop the lo-fi vibes in favor of some old schools synths on their new single, Multi-Love.

Multi-Love is the title track of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s album that will be released May 26 via Jagjaguwar. The first thing that strikes you about Multi-Love is how different it sounds to previous releases. But the first listen doesn’t give any hints as to why, it just sounds unique within the pop landscape. But if you give yourself the time to delve into the song the thick slabs of synth and towering vocals capture you. It’s as if you’re driving into the most beautiful city that you could imagine; you can see that in the distance there is something glimmering but for now you’re only catching glimpses of its full glory. But as you reach the city centre the track’s majesty is revealed when Multi-Love hits the final chorus.

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