New Music: Gorgon City - Unmissable (Akouo remix)

New Music: Gorgon City - Unmissable (Akouo remix)

Akouo brings the bass to Gorgon City's Unmissable.

Gorgon City have been making some serious noise this year and will continue to do that into 2015, with tracks like Sirens and now this trap-orienated remix of Unmissable by Akouo. Often with single releases comes a slew of average remixes that murder the original but Akouo accentuates the beauty of Unmissable and adds on-point percussion alongside tweaking the vocal arrangement. It isn't a huge change in direction from the original track but these stylistic changes offer a different sonic perspective on how the song could work. Furthermore, Akouo has allowed for anyone to download the song free, good guy that he is. 

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