New Music: Yung Gud - 'Beautiful/Wonderful' EP

New Music: Yung Gud - 'Beautiful/Wonderful' EP

Yung Gud proves his legs as a standout producer beyond the world of sad rap.

As Swedish rap oddball Yung Lean continues to shake up the rap game and anger #realhiphop heads all around the globe, it’s about time we shone some light on the army of fantastic producers that shaped Lean's truly singular sound. Nightvision, Gatorade, Princess Daisy and Ghosttown are among the most recognized and well-received Yung Lean tracks and all of these are produced by his 19 year-old partner in sonic-crime, Yung Gud.

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Above: Yung Gud

Along with Yung Sherman, Yung Gud's (shall we say, classy?) re-appropation of classic trance synths and blunted '90s drum pads in their production for Lean's releases Unknown Death and Unknown Memory made those releases sound like they were from another planet (not just across the pond in Stockholm, Sweden). There’s a lot of opinion around Yung Lean's flow (is it whack, is it revolutionary), but you’ll rarely hear a bad word about Yung Gud and Yung Sherman's beats.

A couple of Gud's tracks made their way outside the Yung Lean behemoth: the astounding death-star swag of Hello with Swedish rapper Yemi, and an official remix for Jacques Greene have have popped up to further Yung Gud’s foray into solo work, and now -  finally - he’s dropped his first solo EP, that certainly lives up to it's namesake.

Check out Beautiful/Wonderful below, and buy it here

Listen to Yung Gud's standout remix of Jacques Greene below:

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