New Music: Purity Ring – Begin Again

New Music: Purity Ring – Begin Again

Rapture in a song.

Future pop starlets Purity Ring have just dropped their second single, Begin Again, off their upcoming album Another Eternity (due March 3 2015 via 4AD) so just stop whatever you’re doing. It’s wild burning passion encased with a cold prison of dry percussions. Push Pull may have been a strong start but Begin Again with its tingling synths, growling bass and sharp percussive claps stay in your mind long after the track stops. And come the ecstasy-inducing breakdown it’s hard not to love this song. And that’s before the fiery love that anchors this song is even considered especially when singer Megan James cries, "My moon o my moon not even into another eternity will you stop your lovely orbiting…" Showing how much like the moon and earth they’re forever locked together. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you struggled to break away from the rapture that is this song.

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