New Music: KLO - Cusp EP

New Music: KLO - Cusp EP

Down a dose of DIY, minimal electronic pop via the debut EP from Melbourne's KLO.

We're not surprised Melbourne cousins KLO are doing so well - from an Australian music fans' point of view, their music sits at this ideal nexus between the minimal, vocal-led indie pop coming from artists London Grammar and Jessie Ware that holds influence over us from abroad, and Melbourne's DIY, minimal electronic pop scene that we take pride in from home.

BBC Radio 1 tastemaker Zane Lowe got behind their first track, Make Me Wonder (we got behind it too - read HERE) and the blog hype followed suite - leading to KLO's debut live gig a few months back at Boney selling out, and bookings at Beyond the Valley and Strawberry Fields - which is a huge vote of confidence for KLO, given all that happened prior to a release. They've now delivered the goods with EP Cusp. Singer Chloe Kaul comes from a jazz and soul background and evidently knows her way around a smoky vocal - she drip-feeds us pure lush sedation across five tracks of glitchy, textured beats and analogue synth work crafted by Simon Lam (a new route for Lam, whose prior music work was as a drummer in band Ill's).

If you are a fan of that Melbourne DIY pop scene - the spacey, meditative electronic pop of Banoffee, or Sui Zhen's slow-mo beats and lilting vocals, Leisure Suite's soulful electronic work... Cusp is an EP that's sure to ease its way into your listening nicely. 

Cusp is out now via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records.


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