Youth culture in the late 70's via New Jersey photographer Joe Maloney

In the late 70's Joe Maloney took one for the team and stayed sober enough to operate a camera. The waterparks, boardwalks and arcades of New Jersey were staple haunts of the free living youth and Maloney has captured that time and place in its complete purity. As the years went by his forgotten photographs literally began to fade away as the film negatives deteriorated. Luckily with the advent of accessible scanning technology he managed to rescue this body of work in the nineties. Now after being on hiatus from photography for over 20 years, Joe Maloney has done us all a solid and dusted off these incredible photographs. Without the resurrection of Joe's images, the known world and the history of the final years of modernist photography would be smaller, less defined and certainly - much less colourful. 

asbury two girls 1980 copy

maloney main page asbury mini golf

asbury victor rembrant 1980 1 copy

asbury palace amus night copy





asbury balloons 2 copy2



Via: Rick Wester Fine Art

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