New Music: Eves The Behavior - TV

New Music: Eves The Behavior - TV

Eves The Behavior debut single, TV, reveals her precocious talent for making pop.

Laneway has a talent for putting unknown but talent-endowed Australian acts on their bill, with last year’s lineup including heartstring yanker MT WARNING for instance. And 2015 is no different with Eves The Behavior. Formerly known only as Eves, 2015 looks to be the year that she starts to fan the flames of interest. The opening subdued atmosphere of TV accentuates Eves’ voice, which orchestrates the ebb and flow of the track. Especially when the track takes on an epic quality with the thumping drums and the voice of Eves that’s neither overly saccharine nor too shrill. TV emphasizes that you don’t need to pigeonhole her as the next ‘Lorde’ because Eves The Behavior knows how to craft a damn good piece of pop that cuts through plenty fine on her own.

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