The Barack Obama Hotline Bling dub can finally put this Drake meme to bed

The Barack Obama Hotline Bling dub can finally put this Drake meme to bed

It's finally over. Surely.

Well it's been fun...

We've had to try really hard not to bother covering any of the Hotline Bling meme-age out of some kind of misguided attempt at being "above that". We're really not, but it helped us sleep better at night failing to share any of the billion Hotline Bling memes out there in what has to be 2015's most perfectly executed example of reverse engineered marketing by Drake and his PR team.

That said, we do have a soft spot for baracksdubs, just because they're so gosh darn well-done. And to celebrate ticking over a milli subscribers, he's tackled the biggest fish of them all, with typical perfection. Enjoy it below and look ever forward to 2016:

H/T Junkee

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