Adult Swim are streaming their first ever day of programming from 15 years ago

Adult Swim are streaming their first ever day of programming from 15 years ago

Rewind the clock 15 years with Cartoon Network.

There was a time that existed before 9/11, and all of the gloom and doom of the war on Terror. In fact, just before that horrible day, a now long-running sub-cut of Cartoon Network known as Adult Swim debuted on the channel, September 2 of the very same year. Recognising the need for falling into the soft, distant cloud of nostalgia for us mere humans, Adult Swim have tapped into a Time Rift to expose their original programming from that fateful Sunday.

Featuring such classic names as Harvey Birdman, Brak, Space Ghost and more. So click HERE, sit back on this Thursday evening and relax with all the best of 2001’s Adult Swim lineup.

RIP Frankie's Pizza: A Sydney punk icon in an unsuspecting place

The Sydney pizza bar/live music venue will be demolished to make room for a new train station, leaving behind a legacy of pizza and punk.

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Halsey, Vampire Weekend, Disclosure + more: Learnings from Falls' 2019/2020 lineup

The incoming Falls Festival boasts one of their best lineups yet, but let's go a little deeper than that.

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Ngaiire, L-Fresh The Lion & more team up for Rock Against Racism

Alongside B-Wise, Thandi Phoenix and Kaylah Truth December 7 at Manning Bar in Sydney.

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Laneway are implementing a 1800 hotline for you to report shitty behaviour at the festival

Joining forces with Camp Cope and their #ItTakesOne campaign.

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