The Internet vs Brazil vs Germany

The Internet vs Brazil vs Germany

Germany's destruction of Brazil has offered many LOLs.

As you may know, our knowledge of this year's World Cup pretty much extends to the fact that Latin countries decided the best way to get viewers was hiring RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING WOMEN to cover the great game. But now Germany's slaying of Brazil last night 7-1 has given us some new fodder, namely excellent gifs and reactions. We decided to grab a few of our favourites and combine them into one post for you. A brief flick through Imgur will provide you with many more.


There's this kid collecting tears for thirsty Germans.


Ricky Gervais' ever-entertaining Twitter account (history lesson: deserting Germans hid in Brazil after WWII):


This old guy's broken heart:


This just awesome thing:


It made it onto Pornhub with an incredibly appropriate title:


This rather well-made Avengers gif:

And 'cause we're suckers for punishment, this old guy's breaking heart in gif form.



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