The Kid LAROI is on track to be the youngest solo Australian to have a #1 album

The Kid LAROI is on track to be the youngest solo Australian to have a #1 album

The Kamilaroi rapper's latest mixtape - F*CK LOVE (SAVAGE) - is aimed to hit #1 in Australia next week, after sitting in the top three the last two weeks.

The Kid LAROI is no longer an artist that needs an introduction (a massive feat considering we only introduced him two-and-a-bit years ago), considering that he isn't just one of the biggest hip-hop artists in Australia at the moment, but one of the biggest hip-hop artists in the world full-stop (and the 77th most-listened-to artist in the world on Spotify, regardless of genre). As it stands he has a #2 record in Australia, a near-top-ten record in both the UK and US (#11 and #13 respectively), and has singles dotted on charts across the world (including two in the top ten here in Australia).

He's a reckoning hip-hop force seeing the fruits of his labour; the Kamilaroi rapper encapsulating years and years of hard work and personal growth with record F*CK LOVE earlier in the year and then again with a seven-track addition to the record in F*CK LOVE (SAVAGE), the latter of which including the singles that have been so crucial in his rise (SO DONE and WITHOUT YOU). Throw in collaborations with Juice WRLD, ONEFOUR and Internet Money in there too, and it's easy to understand why The Kid LAROI is on track for greatness.

Now, he's closer than ever. Last week, he was just edged out of his first ARIA #1 album by a children's record from the Bluey TV show (whose own debut was monumental too, being the first childrens album to place at #1 on the ARIA Chart), but this week, all signs are pointing towards a LAROI #1 album - and that's monumental for a lot of reasons. 

First of all, if F*CK LOVE (SAVAGE) was indeed to reach at the pole position of the ARIA Album Chart, it would be a long-time-coming moment for The Kid LAROI that - as mentioned - would see him finally get the big pay off he deserves from being unavoidable (in a good way) for much of 2020. There's no denying that he's an act certain to influence and inform the future of Australian hip-hop and music full-stop, let alone how its represented on a wider international scale thanks to his dominative success overseas. An ARIA #1 album would get him just that little touch further.

Secondly, there's also what a The KID Laroi #1 album would mean for the ARIA Chart's historical records. If F*CK LOVE (SAVAGE) does indeed reach #1, The Kid LAROI would be the youngest Australian solo musician to reach the position in history - a feat unlikely to be broken for a while, considering he's only 17-years-old.

The Kid LAROI deserves it, so let's make it happen. Take another listen to the record below:


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