Introducing NZ rapper Kings and his addictive latest single, Flex

Introducing NZ rapper Kings and his addictive latest single, Flex

It's the latest track from New Zealand rapper's upcoming fourth album LEO, with Australian shows coming soon too.

Kings is a pretty big deal. The New Zealand rapper/producer/songwriter has grown to become one of his home country's biggest names not just in hip-hop but full-stop, blossoming into one of the country's many heavy-hitters with his 2016 break-out single Don't Worry 'Bout It. Since then, KINGS has dropped three albums (2017's Chapter One, then 2018's Two and LOV3 & 3GO), has mustered up tens of millions of streams and taken home a collection of Pacific Music Awards (nine) and Vodafone Music Awards (13), positioning the rapper as a force within the New Zealand music scene that now, is looking outwards.

In 2019, with a new album ready to go, Kings is setting himself up for international domination, kicking off with Australia. He's crossed the Tasman to play MTV's refreshed reboot of TRL and is set to return soon for a round of Australian shows yet to be announced, but first comes Flex - his most addictive single to date, and the one that gives Kings his biggest chance of international cross-over to date. Flex is refreshingly fun and filled with energy, taking a bounce-filled production reminiscent of something by Timbaland or Pharrell and giving it an authentically Kings boost, aided by producer and longtime collaborator 10A. "I’ve got a lot to prove with this record. I worked closely with 10A (producer) to make sure that we got shit that bangs," he says on the track, and with its arrival, it's clear he's pulled it off.

It's a strong entry point into Kings' music if you're yet to be acquainted - or a knock-out-the-park for the rapper if you've been a long-time fan - and with plenty more to come before the year's out, dive into Flex below, with a tasty little introduction to a name bound to be one of New Zealand's biggest.

Tell us about yourself?

Name is Kingdon, my nickname is Kings :)

I write, produce, mix and master my music (unless stated otherwise) out of my studio based on the grounds of a Marae in NZ (Maori stronghold). I’m an independent artist, opening a production company and I also run my own record label (Arch Angel Records) which has seen the success of a double platinum, (Don't Worry 'Bout It) a platinum (6 Figures) and a gold record in its two-three years of being active. Currently have 13 Vodafone Music awards, my pride and joy were the Producer of the Year awards.

Love my family, love my job. Want to bring home a GRAMMY or 12.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

Musically, I’ve been known to release whatever I feel like. I released three albums in a year, each having such diverse sounds and production tricks. My goal is to define myself as an artist and I think this project is on the right path to becoming a more defined artist and character. It’s only ironic that it’s rap (where it all began for me).

What are your production/writing processes like?

I set a goal a couple of years back to write/produce a song a day for a year. I think I got around 300 full written projects that year. I work hard at my craft and for the most part, comes relatively quick. I get the odd couple of hours of writer's block here and there, but not often.

Can you tell us about Flex?

Flex is a follow up to my single 6 Figures that reached platinum status in NZ. Released independently, I’m extremely proud of its success. “Messing with my flex be a problem” is a line in the song, referring to my work ethic, drive and passion for what I do.

I’m flexing on everyone.

Any tour dates?

NZ tour dates as follows (potentially Aus dates but not confirmed yet):

16th Aug - Christchurch
17th Aug - Dunedin
22nd Aug - Wellington
23rd Aug - Tauranga
24th Aug - Auckland

What does 2019 have in store?

Flex is apart of my 4th Studio album titled LEO. Will look at releasing and touring over summer.

Where can we find your music?

The usual suspects but Instagram is where I do most pop up competitions for FANS etc. (Love giving back to my supporters).

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