Watch the incredible new video for Lido's new single, Crazy, directed by Lido

Watch the incredible new video for Lido's new single, Crazy, directed by Lido

From a yet-be-titled upcoming album release.

As if being gifted a Lido rework of Kanye's Life Of Pablo last week wasn't enough, today Lido has gone and released a new single, Crazy, coming with a stunning video clip directed by the man himself. Crazy is from a yet-to-be-titled new album, and the video is also the first time the producer has directed something himself. In a case of Lido-ception, he's directed himself directing an impressive live show to a track that is pure Lido. We look ever forward to not only more videos directed by the Norwegian star, but more music from an album that's very much on our most-anticipated for 2016 lists.

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