Video Premiere: Louise Terra - 'Event Horizon'

Video Premiere: Louise Terra - 'Event Horizon'

Dja Dja Wurrung/Castlemaine-based multi-disciplinary artist unveils the innovative & engrossing video for latest single of psychedelic electronic sounds - take a first watch

Image credit: Jeanie Brown

When she’s not on backing vocals and dancing duties for party starting disco band Sugar Fed Leopards (under the delightful nom de plume Lemona Squeeze), you can find Louise Terra crafting some atmospheric and engaging exploratory electronic sounds like her latest single, Event Horizon, with the experimental, boundary-pushing video premiering on Pilerats today!

Inspired by black holes and the laws of attraction, Event Horizon utilises all manner of otherworldly synths alongside heavily processed vocals and a downtempo beat tying it all together, taking cues from the likes of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith or Sevdaliza.

Matching the ethereal and otherworldly vibes of the song is the collaborative music video, the seeds of which were first sewn three years ago. An experimental video fusing human acting and generative AI, the striking and trippy music video “explores how live action performance and physical space filmed in high-definition video can be reinterpreted by machine thinking”, taking the viewer on a journey into just what it may be like to be sucked into a blackhole.

Louise explained “The Event Horizon video clip is about the disintegration of time, space and corporality, and the porous relationship between humans and technology. I often work with emerging
technology, but generative AI is particularly unknown, inviting questions about authorship and
obsolescence that we are yet to answer.

Her first new solo music since her 2021 debut EP Follow The Moon Into The Ocean, dive into the Event Horizon as the video premieres on Pilerats a day ahead of release (and check out some BTS shots below!):

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Louise Terra's new single Event Horizon is out now

Event Horizon Cover Art

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