Track By Track: Vancouver Sleep Clinic takes us through Therapy Phase 02

Track By Track: Vancouver Sleep Clinic takes us through Therapy Phase 02

He'll be bringing the brilliant release to Australia next month for some select shows.

Tim Bettinson AKA Vancouver Sleep has today unleashed the second part of his THERAPY project - Therapy Phase 02 - and it continues his red hot run of releasing some incredible music, including the monster hit Closure feat. Drew Love last year. Phase 02 is another exciting evolution for Bettinson, a meditative and utterly engrossing journey into futuristic R&B and sombre pop, and we're chuffed to have him give a little rundown of it.

Check it out below, and catch him live at a select run of upcoming shows later next month:


The intro to the EP, Babylon is a track that I freestyled lyrics over late at night in my home studio. It’s based metaphorically on the Fall of Babylon and was written at a time when I felt like an emotional fortress i thought i’d built up was collapsing around me.

Silver Lining

This is a track that really rides off the energy of the drums and is lyrically a little more playful than usual. It is essentially about watching someone become too good for you. I’ve lost people I care about to the limelight before, and while you’re trying to be happy for them, sometimes you just miss the days when everything was so simple.


Easily the most experimental and different track that I’ve done to date, and draws a lot on my hip hop influence. There was a lot of things that I wanted to say in this track but essentially it is about the in between space where you are moving on from someone but can't shake them from your mind.


I wanted a track on the EP with a lot of energy, something that we could really step it up for in the live show. This one took quite a few days in the studio with Finatik & Zak to get right but once we accidentally stumbled on a key change for the hook it felt right.


This song came late one night after my friend Luke played me a guitar part that he’d written and recorded. I fell in love with it instantly, so much so that I recorded it off his laptop onto mine via an aux cable - and wrote and finished the whole song the next day.


Wed 1 Aug - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Thu 2 Aug - Howler, Melbourne

Fri 3 Aug - The Foundry, Brisbane

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