Experimental pop force Tirzah announces her new album Colourgrade, shares new single

Experimental pop force Tirzah announces her new album Colourgrade, shares new single

Her debut album Devotion was one of 2018's most acclaimed. Now, the UK artist is following it up with a second, due October 1st.

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If you haven't come across Tirzah just yet, you're missing out on one of experimental pop music's most exciting and acclaimed new faces. After a handful of singles, EPs and collaborations introduced her as a rising star in the UK's club-pop scene throughout the years prior, the English musician shared her debut album Devotion back in 2018; a collection of intimate, yet invigorating songs that found themselves nestled amongst year-end lists by the time December came around. 

As such, Devotion launched Tirzah forward into the upper echelon of pop's wide-ranging versatility, showcasing the depths of the genre and how it can be pushed to its limits by those willing to think way beyond the confinements of traditional songwriting. "Tirzah’s debut is a compelling vision of what imperfect pop music can be - joyful in both sound and feeling precisely because both seem so out-of-step and asymmetrical," wrote Pitchfork, in a Best New Music review that aided in the album's success. 

Back in April, Tirzah marked her return with the release of Send Me, followed by a second single - titled Sink In - the following month. They brought a glimpse of something new; how the musician's sound was continuing to evolve and grow parallel to the transformations occurring within her own life, and how she depicted those through her songwriting.

Today, however, comes an assurance that 2021 is going to be another brilliant year for the musician, as she announces her long-awaited second album Colourgrade, alongside another single titled Tectonic. Scheduled for release on October 1st, Colourgrade is bound to be another touching record from the pop provocateur, building on the singles we've heard thus far that together, paint an exciting picture of what to expect from the record.

As she explains, the album was written across the space of a year full of live performance, recorded between the birth of her two children. As such, it's set to showcase the complexities of motherhood and the storm of emotions that come with the new experience, as told through the potent and daring songwriting that's become so distinctive to Tirzah since her debut album, and through the singles since.

Tectonic, the album's third single continues that. It's a warped and twisted display of Tirzah's artistic brilliance, lush with its jagged-edge instrumentation that envelops much of the song's duration. Eventually, Tirzah steps in, and when she does, she sounds unlike anything else we've heard from the musician thus far, continuing to prove that the limits of her sound are only defined by how far she goes within each song.

It's something really out-there and brilliant, and you can take a dive into it below, alongside its official video clip. Underneath, find the tracklisting for Colourgrade, and pre-order it here to ensure you get it first on October 1st.

Colourgrade Tracklisting: 

Hive Mind (feat. Coby Sey)
Crepuscular Rays
Send Me
Sink In


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