The Aussie Female Producers Killing It RN

The Aussie Female Producers Killing It RN

15 of the best.

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What am I doing with my life?’ Usually on a Sunday morning with the remnants of last night’s refreshments pooling on your pillow? Well, if you have it could possibly mean that we are soulmates or it could mean that you have spent the evening grinding to some seriously bad-ass women who seem to be taking over the scene right now.

In a field largely dominated by men; these ladies have been shaking things up with their own brand of luscious beats, earth-shattering bass, and mind-melting tracks that will set the standard for generations to follow. Now you’re probably tired of that ‘Who run the world? Girls!’ bit, but if any of these chicks ever run for office, you better believe I’ll be outside your local bowling club sizzling snags and passing out flyers.

Please note, we are aware of and respect the fact the separating the boys and the girls is a somewhat sexist act in itself, but we honestly believe that it's worth noting that a traditionally boy-dominated playground (the production booth) is starting to produce ( :| ) some seriously talented ladies in this country, and if this inspires just one youngster to give it a crack, then we'll be pretty happy.

Header photo Anna Lunoe by Tony Colasurdo


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aussie females joy

No stranger to this little website, Olivia McCarthy AKA JOY. will take all of your neuroses and bring them down to a simmering hum. Her brand of chilled beats and angelic vocals are set to tingle any spine while leaving you stunned in the wake of her breathy tones. Mix this with twisting bass and you have yourself an ultimate Sunday playlist, follow her socials and you have yourself an ultimate LOL-factory.


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aussie females kucka

Laura Jane Lowther is a Perth native who has the pipes of Grimes with the trickling beats of Basenji. She represents all that is good with minimal electro while maintaining tighter production than your pair of new jeans. Her beautiful sound will quench your thirst for whimsical electronic music and her vocals will make the world seem sweeter.


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aussie producers rainbow chan

The quiet achiever on this list, Sydney-based Rainbow Chan has been steadily knocking out forward-thinking electronic pop sounds since 2010, with an infinitely interesting mix of analog tones, layered, glitchy soundscapes and a delicate balance between hi- and lo-fi electronica. Our first experience with Rainbow Chan came at the 2013 Electronic Music Conference, where she absolutely locked shit down on a panel filled with dudes, and we've been in love ever since.


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aussie females zuri akoko

Akoko is one bad ass chick. The Sydneysider has a knack for mixing the most deliciously obscure tracks and brandishing them with her own oozing beats. Her braids may just have special powers that allow her to turn any track into a dripping thumper of epic proportions, for example:


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aussie females anna lunoe

It’s hard to collate the ultimate Australian female artists without including the Godmother of devastatingly beautiful beats and intense bass. She knows how to represent electronic music with such a flair that it is detrimental to your very health to ignore the splendour that she can bring to any set of speakers. Spending her time between Sydney and Los Angeles, she has made a huge name for herself that seems to be exponentially expanding in the US, and is definitely one of our electronic scene’s national treasures.


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Catlips web1

Obviously there's a bit of bias here, but heck, we wouldn't have asked Catlips to join Pilerats if we didn't think she was the real deal. Tropical beats are spliced with rich sampling that make for music you can’t help but shake your shoulders to. She could turn any skeptic into a believer with her unique ability to spin genres into electronic gold - case in point, her just-released Casual EP.


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aussie females chela

Chela’s soulful voice has popped up everywhere of late. With a star role in Clubfeet’s smoother than butter track Heartbreak setting the wheels in motion a couple of years back, she balances her melodies in such a way it becomes hard to quit her electric vibe. Her latest tune Handful Of Gold’features a healthy smattering of synth combined with bold lyrics and funky disco beats. She knows how to produce a killer beat while using her voice as an additional instrument, what a keeper.


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aussie females okenyo

Broken Chest by Okenyo is something to be admired. Her earthy vocals land loudly with such a rich confidence that it is hard to ignore her aching lyrics and sultry tones. Team this with synth filled beats and it makes for a completely original sound that adheres to the classic electronic sound while contradicting itself entirely with her mesmerizing soulful pipes.


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aussie females montgomery

If you are after dreamscape beats and atmospheric hues, look no further than Montgomery. Her pitch perfect vocals are paired with serene synth and dare you to drift away to an island where only you and her are floating in the breeze. Her tones are intimate while they will implore you to revel in electronic glory with winding bass and sickly sweet beats. This Queensland native has her aesthetic locked down, and still maintains an air of mystery we can't wait to unravel in 2015. You can start by heading to one of her upcoming east-coast shows in May (dates/tickets HERE).


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aussie females moon holiday

Sydney girl Alexandra Ward has been turning heads with her latest track Prince, a smooth tune filled with tickling samples and echoing vocals. She’s that amazing she even provided a mix for triple j’s Mental Health Week. She has her finger on the pulse, and the voice of someone floating in the stars.


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aussie females alison wonderland

This woman knows how to mix, she knows how to party, and she knows how to throw her tresses around in such a fashion that she comes off looking like her own personal tornado, and her music reflects just that. With its turbulent style, it is hard not to love her exceptional brand of stormy samples and scratching beats. Capitalising on years of hype, she finally released her debut album Run last week, and it's worthy of all the plaudits it's been getting. Her next Warehouse Project tour is shaping up to be fucking ridiculous.


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aussie females banoffee

Banoffee is the relatively fresh new solo project from Melbourne-based singer/producer Martha Brown who gave us one of last year's most super-fun tracks in Let's Go To The Beach. Combining future-R&B, soul, electronica and wavey disco synths, she also released a dope self-titled EP, which followed on from break-out single Ninja. Most recently Brown put up a tidy little cover of Frank Ocean's I Miss You - check it out below and expect more good things from the young gun in 2015.


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aussie females elizabeth rose

One of the "elder statesmen" on this exciting list, Elizabeth Rose has a list of accolades that would make any young producer jealous, including collaborations with the likes of Sinden, Flight Facilities, and last year's huge Aston Shuffle single, Back & Forth. Her debut and self-titled EPs were stacked with synth-pop gold, and if her latest release (below) is anything to go by, we're in for some more treats in the coming months.


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aussie females nina las vegas

Nina Las Vegas really needs no introduction, so we will dispense with the exposition and just say it's exciting to see her begin dabbling within the production world she's been pushing so strongly here and abroad for the past few years. With DJ chops comparable to anyone, anywhere, she's finally turned her attention to production in 2014/15, working with good friend Swick and some bassy club gold. With such an extensive knowledge of dance music and the club, there's no teling where she'll take things in the future.


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The heiress to the above former-House Party hostess's weekly triple j weekend good vibrations, Kristy Lee Peters first came to our (and the country's) attention with her production, DJ and vocal skills. And since taking over House Party duties last year, KLP has had her finger on the pulse of Australia (and overseas)'s burgeoning production talent, working with the likes of young guns such as Young Franco, Slumberjack and our own Sable, along with belting out her own originals and remixes. 


There really is something to be admired about the gaggle of girls rocking a once predominantly male industry. Let us celebrate the divine nature of the Australian beats that have now become available for our eager ears, and revel at the level of talent that is bursting out of our salty shores.

So set your music knowledge meter to ‘Schooled’ as you will now spend hours of your life searching anything and everything about the artists mentioned above. You do now realise that your life has been changed forever, and you have all of these lovely ladies to thank. You’re welcome.

PS - no doubt we missed a HEAP, any exclusions that are enough to rile you up? Let us know!

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