Introducing Ben Renna, who just dropped a groovy as hell new Sneaky Sound System remix

Introducing Ben Renna, who just dropped a groovy as hell new Sneaky Sound System remix

The Perth-based DJ/producer has one busy summer lined up.

Ben Renna is one of Perth's hardest working DJ/producers. A regular feature across a number of venues around here, he's also regularly missioned overseas for tours, and released a smattering of remixes over the past few years. Most recently he's just dropped an absolute steamer for Sneaky Sound System, bringing some serious groove to their single, Can't Help The Way That I Feel.

Given he has another ridiculously busy holiday period on the cards, we touched base with the classical piano-trained gun to find out a little more about what's going on:

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Ben Renna, a Perth DJ/Producer and have been playing here in my hometown and abroad for the last 10 years.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Lover of house music – anything from house to disco. Artists like MK, Sonny Fodera, Purple Disco Machine, Sandy Rivera, Anderson Paak. and more…

Production/writing process:

I like to start with the kicks and claps and make sure they work well together, then move into lead melodies and I sample a lot from different places – I love piano in house tracks so that’s usually a go to for me when starting something new. I also really love to layer up with percussion or some horns like I did with my latest release.

Everyone’s writing style is different but I definitely like to get a groove laid down first and then key elements and instruments after that and I like to work around a vocal.

Can you tell us about your new remix for Sneaky Sound System?

I remixed Can't Help The Way That I Feel for a worldwide remix contest and won the competition and now UK-based CR2 Records has signed my remix to their label and recently released it, along with a second round of artists including David Penn's #1 Beatport seller. I remember working on the track one night and was getting a little frustrated because I felt I just couldn’t get any flow, so decided to completely start over with a fresh mind.

I’ve always been a night owl and find that I do my best work in the hours when most people sleep - there’s a peaceful vibe that helps my creativity. This particular night I stayed up until I got the structure and most of the elements in the track complete and then worked for about six weeks with CR2 Records until it was release ready.

Any shows coming up?


Sat 24 Nov - Sets On The Beach, North Fremantle

Sat 1 Dec - Jeremy Healy @ Indian Ocean Hotel, Scarborough

Sat 14 Dec - Max Chapman @ Air Nightclub, Northbridge

Mon 24 Dec - Xmas Eve @ The Court, Northbridge

Mon 31 Dec - NYE On The Foreshore, South Perth

Tue 1 Jan - Cuban Club NYD @ Coast, North Fremantle


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