Premiere: Jakob announces his debut EP with its first song, Lie

Premiere: Jakob announces his debut EP with its first song, Lie

The self-titled concept EP is out November 15 via Top Dog Recordings, with Lie being its first taste.

Specialising in a rich alt-R&B sound championed by heavyweights including Frank Ocean and Ruel, Jakob is a Sydney-based musician amongst a rare group to seemingly flourish internationally without any major pick-up back home. Throughout the last twelve months, he's worked with some of the most-dominative names of pop and R&B behind-the-scenes - Troy Noka (Frank Ocean, Miguel), Melanie Fontana (Justin Bieber, BTS, Chainsmokers) Michel Lindgren Schulz (Cheat Codes) and Chris ‘N’ Teeb (50 Cent) - to hone in on his craft and create something special, which now in the second half of 2019, he's bringing back home with his debut self-titled EP.

With its arrival on November 15 via Top Dog Recordings, Jakob - the EP - is bound to introduce Jakob - the musician - as a fully-realised vision in Australian R&B comparable to some of his inspirations (like the viral-adored, internationally-trotting Ruel), showcasing his multi-disciplinary skill set as an artist and musician as he soundtracks a relationship and its highs and falls, the first taste of which we receive today with LieLie is a perfect introductory point to an artist you may not be acquainted with yet but will soon love, with shimmering pop hooks meeting a genre-spanning production that unites mannerisms of hip-hop and Latin together, tapping into a sound that's quickly blossoming into a worldwide commercial favourite.

In saying that, however, Jakob is different. Within his hazy vocal on Lie, you can hear his emotive authenticity and drive to do something different, the former perhaps coming from his decision to form the single around relationship imbalance and wanting something better for someone else. "The song Lie is written about a scenario I was in, where a person I cared for was in a toxic relationship with someone else," he says on the single. "She would constantly ask me for advice, when in reality I wanted to say that she should be with me instead of telling her something she wants to hear."

It arrives with an official video you can watch below ahead of its greater release tomorrow, and then stay tuned for plenty more to come as Jakob paves his way into an artist-on-the-rise with his debut EP in November.

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